Online Tutoring Service Brings Assistance to Math Students

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If the nation's top math students are on a train headed east at 80MPH, and all the students who are flunking math are on a train headed west at 75MPH, and both trains leave at the same time from stations 267 miles apart...why can't Timmy figure out that 6 X 8 = 48?

A crisis exists in math education today. American students are falling behind in record numbers and risk losing their competitive edge on the international stage. Factors contributing to students' declining math skills include inexperienced teachers, overcrowded classrooms, and, in the home, busy working parents who may not have the time to help their children.

Moreover, due to the advent of the "new math" -- a curriculum that places an emphasis on direct real-world applications as opposed to the rote memorization, practice, and repetition so many of us remember from our own schooldays -- many parents are ill-equipped to help their children in a way that is consistent with what is being taught in the classroom.

"Today's students grow up with the Internet as an integral part of their lives," says Barry Reichman, President and CEO of Brooklyn-based Multimedia Tutorial Services. "Online tutoring speaks to a new generation of children on their home turf, leveraging their natural computer skills to make learning a fun, interactive experience."

Recently featured on NBC's Today Show, Multimedia Tutorial Services puts private tutoring within reach of families with modest incomes that may not be able to afford costly private tutors. With online tutoring packages beginning at as little as $49.95 per month, the company's principal product line, Math Made Easy, helps students achieve better math grades through effective use of personal phone/online tutors, comprehensive DVD reviews, and unlimited practice tests.

Among its programs, a "basic skills" series focuses on relating fractions, decimals, and percentages to real-life situations. Multimedia's math specialists work closely with students' to fill in knowledge gaps, and help identify ways to strengthen math skills. The tutorials identify commonly made errors and teach students how to avoid them. Readily available tutors from coast to coast help students with homework and prepare them for upcoming exams, replacing confusion and frustration with clarity and confidence. An easy, inexpensive solution to an endemic education problem? Do the math.


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