Diskeeper Real-Time Defragmenter Delivers Tangible Financial Benefits

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Four benefits of next generation disk defragmenter software that influence upper management

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Most IT professionals know the impact of disk defragmentation on a system and use some type of defragmenter software, but current operating systems and larger application sizes, along with the proliferation of multimedia files used in business and the need for larger storage systems for archiving, require advanced defrag technology that defragments in real-time.

Real-time defrag software, like Diskeeper 2008® that uses InvisTasking,TM delivers tangible financial benefits because it eliminates performance degradation that occurs with fragmentation build up inherent in manual or scheduled defrag.

Diskeeper offers four core points that will help persuade upper management that investing in next generation disk defragmenter software produces tangible benefits.

Increases Employee Productivity
Disk defragmentation is not just a technical issue it is a core business issue, an enormous robber of productivity. The math is simple: 120 employees losing just 4 minutes per day is an aggregate productivity loss of 2,080 hours, the exact equivalent of one full-time employee.

Advanced background processing technology, called InvisiTasking operates transparently, handling fragmentation as it occurs, keeping system speed and reliability at a constant maximum.

Increased Hard Drive Life
Fragmentation taxes hard drives by increasing the disk head movement when accessing fragmented files, shortening the life of the hard drive.

Keeping files defragmented in real time reduces the amount of disk head movement and increases hardware longevity. Some companies that use disk defragmenter software have kept their systems in service up to a full year longer than originally planned stretching their IT budgets and freeing up systems administrators' time.

Simplified Network Management
Next generation real time defragmentation management provides complete centralized management of defrag operations for all machines on a network, including installation, configuration, monitoring, updating, email reports and alerts and more. This relieves network managers of reactive maintenance and actually allows them to "manage" the network.

Tightened Enterprise Security
Fragmentation of files make backups more difficult and increases backup time. Delays in the backup process can mean that some files don't get backed up during the scheduled backup window leaving them vulnerable to loss. File fragmentation also jeopardizes the integrity of the files, making them more susceptible to corruption.

Real-time defragmentation software keeps drives free of fragmentation so when backup occurs, transfer rates are at an optimum level and because fragmentation occurs on the fly, files are less vulnerable to corruption.

A wealth of data is available on the Internet that demonstrates the cost benefits of employing defragmenter software including an IDC white paper with cost savings charts, Reducing Downtime and Reactive Maintenance: The ROI of Defragmenting the Windows Enterprise. The white paper, along with others can be accessed on the Diskeeper website.


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