Find Unique Answers to Questions About Sex, Dating and Relationships: Courtesan and Certified Sexologist, Veronica Monet, Offers Help, Healing and Hope for Your Love Life

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Veronica Monet's new website is all about what she can do for you. Whether you are a journalist looking for a fresh approach to topics as old as the human drama or you are an individual in search of solutions to those complicated matters of the heart, Veronica will confront you with a new perspective guaranteed to create controversy in the media and results in your personal life. Veronica Monet's combination of the academic and the anecdotal lends a refreshing authenticity to her advice and insights.

Veronica Monet offers a one-of-kind service: advice, workshops and lectures based upon her 14 years as a prostitute. As a Certified Sexologist and Sex Educator, Ms. Monet offers the best of both worlds: five times the formal training on sexuality of most medical doctors as well as years of personal "hands-on" experience. Visit her brand new website for more details:

Veronica is a regular guest on major national and international television and radio shows and she is required reading for many college classes. Her extensive media credits include CNN, FOX News, A&E, ABC, CBS, NBC and The New York Times Magazine.

This sex worker turned sex educator offers expert advice and insights on topics pertaining to sex, dating, relationships, gender, feminism and sexual civil rights. Veronica Monet is the author of "Sex Secrets of Escorts -- Tips from a Pro" (Alpha Books 2005).

Here is what some people are saying about Veronica Monet:

"Veronica, you afforded me a rare opportunity to really get to know what is going on in the mind of the opposite sex in a critical point in that relationship. It was invaluable, insightful, and very useful to come at the problem from a completely different approach. Some of what you spoke just has the wisdom of the ages, and some is as fresh as the words of the latest hip-hop club scene. Also, it was just downright fun to talk with you at a very difficult time in my life. Thanks ever so much." -- Nomad

"You have helped me to go from a guy who's fumbling around and mostly not dating to one who's having consistent and meaningful connections with the women who come into my life. By keeping me honest when it comes to the denials, self-illusions, and obsessive focuses that are so easy to build up in my head, you have allowed me stay on task with the real issues that have kept me from having the love life I always wanted, and my love life has benefited as a result." -- Michael M.

"Oh Veronica! You have helped me most of all just by being really clean with your energy. You have a *lot* of passion -- which gives you a lot of power -- and you have kept it clean with a loving honesty that is all too rare. It's a healing catalyst. Of course the breathing etc. exercises are great, but your integrity is what really makes it work." -- Ed R.

"Veronica, coaching with you has been like a breath of fresh air in my life! Our conversations have brought me to a new place -- they are safe, comfortable and oh so interesting ... Your voice on the other end of the telephone line is something that I always look forward to. You have taken the fear out of my addressing the body image issues that have followed me since I was a teenager and have taken so much of my confidence for most of my adult life.

"I am also experiencing more love and a greater connection with the man in my life. Having you as my coach has given me a place to voice my feelings, and as a result, I am naturally becoming the kind of woman I have always wanted to be. The nurturing guidance you have given me has made all the difference in my life. Thank You ..." -- Rene H.

"I enthusiastically recommend Ms. Monet for any presentation dealing with human sexuality. She [is] articulate, focused, informed, opinionated, dramatic and dynamic ... Ms. Monet held our class of 160 or more students, from frosh through graduate level, spellbound for nearly two hours with her discussion ... The student ratings of her lecture varied from excellent to outstanding ... I can provide a sample of student feedback if it would assist in making a decision to hire her as a teacher for an entire course, lecturer for individual sessions, or course consultant.

"Finally, I should add that Ms. Monet is also very personable, open, frank, intelligent, informed, accessible to students, and charming, as an added bonus.

"I have been teaching psychology for more than 40 years and utilize the expertise of many and varied guest speakers -- Veronica Monet ranks among the top of this group of elite speakers. -- Philip G. Zimbardo, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Stanford University

"Veronica Monet was an absolute dream to host as a guest teacher. She was friendly and open, with a mind as sharp as a tack. Her talk on women and power, spanning across money, sex, status, and more, inspired every woman in the group, and sparked a discussion that lasted for days. The best part about Veronica's visit was her wide spectrum of knowledge and experience, and her willingness to share all these things openly. The whole group of students was charmed and left wanting more of her particular brand of sincerity and strength. Our group was deeply inspired by Veronica's teaching, and we've already invited her back to teach 2 different workshops." -- Beth Crittenden, One Taste San Francisco

Veronica Monet's Press Kit, which includes her complete curriculum vitae and an entertaining CD, is available to journalists, corporations and universities upon request.

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