Fictional Thriller Exposes White House Deceptions

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The end of oil. The next 911. The deception of a nation.

Why were there no jet-fighters dispatched on 9/11? Why was NORAD engaged in upwards of five separate military exercises dealing with fake hijackings on the day of the worst attack in U.S. history? Why were false blips allowed to be projected onto FAA screens, confusing air flight controllers? Why was Dick Cheney in-charge of NORAD on 9/11? Did the Vice President order a stand-down so that the attacks would succeed?

These probing questions, ignored by the 9/11 commission, have been posed over and again by frustrated 9/11 Truth organizations who have demanded answers yet receive scant media attention. That could all change with the release of a new book: The SHELL GAME, by NY times best-selling author Steve Alten. Written in the guise of a fictional thriller, this cautionary tale exposes the deceptions of the Bush Administration to a mainstream audience while detailing the next 9/11 event, already in the planning stages, that will make the case for an invasion of Iran.

The author, who has had several novels appear on best-seller lists, believes the topic is timely, especially with oil reaching the $100 a barrel mark. "I first began researching The SHELL GAME in 2003 because I was interested in Peak Oil and the implications of what happens when we run out. What the public fails to realize is that, without oil, we can't feed our population, bring goods to market, or function as a society. Everything the Bush Administration has done, from secret energy meetings to their quashing of 9/11 investigations, to the invasion of Iraq and now the threats surrounding Iran have to do with the world running out of oil. What the SHELL GAME does is disseminate the information in an entertaining, often shocking storyline. The hero of the novel goes on an odyssey into the dark heart of where America has been headed for the last half decade. The Patriot Act, false flag terrorism, the deceptions and lies that lead nations to wars -- all the things activists have begged people to look at for these long years -- are revealed in the storyline."

The book, which officially debuts on January 22, has garnered strong reviews and has nearly pre-sold its 40,000 first edition printing.

To interview the author, contact Lissy Peace at Blanco & Peace: 312-573-2070. To view two 90-second book trailers, go to


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