Reel-Revolution, Ltd. Begins Building the Revolver(TM) - The World's First Coiled Tubing Drilling Rig That Rotates from Surface

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Reel-Revolution announced today that the much anticipated completion of the world's first API certified coiled tubing drilling rig that rotates from surface will be in the first quarter of 2008.

Coiled Tubing Drilling

Joining The Best of Standard Rotary Joint Pipe Drilling Rigs and Conventional Coiled Tubing Drilling Rigs

Visit any given drill site in the last century and the chances are you would see a team of engineers scrambling around a huge, rotating drill pipe slowly sinking into the ground. Like driving in a screw, the shaft of the drill is continuously rotated from the surface to keep it from getting stuck as it delves deeper into the earth. Wells are hundreds of feet deep, so as one pipe section sinks into the ground, another segment is hoisted up and fixed onto the string as the drilling goes deeper. This process takes time, people, and provides plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong.

A more intuitive solution lies in the use of coiled tubing units. This type of rig smoothly feeds a continuous length of flexible tubing from a large coil parked over the well. This type of rig is much faster and safer to set up and drill with. Unfortunately, it lacks the ability to rotate from surface like the standard rotary joint pipe rig discussed above. This severely limits how deep conventional coiled tubing drilling can go before friction locks it in place. Coiled tubing also requires additional equipment that is more costly and often difficult to come by.

Now coiled tubing drilling innovators, Reel Revolutions, LLC ( has developed the world's first coiled tubing drilling rig that rotates from surface. The Revolver overcomes friction by torquing the entire coil of tubing around from the surface and keeps costs equivalent to rotary joint pipe rigs by using standard bottom-hole assembly and completion equipment.

A Simple Advancement That Fundamentally Changes Today's Drilling Capabilities:

•Remain Underbalance w/o Connections: maintain continuous bottom hole pressure conditions without potentially going overbalance during a connection.
•Increase Overall ROP: the ability to safely trip at speed with coil tubing is unmatched by jointed pipe rigs.
•Decreased Motor Wear: reduced number of connections and variations in bottom hole pressure decreases the number of potential motor stalls - dramatically increasing motor life.
•Increased Coiled Tubing Life: increase coil tubing drilling life by as much as 300% or more.
•Increased Annular Velocity: coil size is 3.25", allowing the support of a 4 ¾" BHA and the drilling of a 6" hole.
•Improved Hole Cleaning: coil rotation overcomes many of the issues associated with conventional coil tubing drilling and hole cleaning.
•Use Traditional Low Cost BHA: employ a standard low-cost 4 ¾" motor and MWD system.
•Drill Tangent Section: well design allows for the drilling of a tangent section.
•Sidetracking: both open hole and mechanical.
•Eco-friendly: uses a closed system.

For more technical information on the Revolver and visit or contact Reel-Revolution directly at + (1) 512 858 9520.


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