Former Admiral P. Kikareas of the Hellenic Navy Comments on Last Weekend’s Standoff between Small Iranian Boats and U.S. Naval Ships

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Former Admiral Panagiotis Kikareas of the Hellenic Navy says last weekend’s “threatening” encounter between U.S. naval ships and Iranian fast boats in the Persian Gulf could have led to a “full-scale war of the United States against Iran.”

I am shocked that the Iranians even considered this provocative action.

Admiral P. Kikareas, president of the World Foundation For Peace & Security, well-known crisis management expert and Peace Advocate, has released the following comments regarding last weekend’s confrontation between U.S. Naval Ships and Iranian fast boats in the Persian Gulf:

"Today, we could have been in a full-scale war with Iran. According to international law, war ships represent the soil of their country. An attack on a war ship is an attack on one’s own soil and it is the mission of a commanding officer on a war ship to protect the interests of their country by use of deadly force. If this had turned into a self-defense scenario, disaster may have ensued.”

Kikareas, a former commanding officer of fast patrol boats, Navy Destroyers and Squadrons, says that with the current situation between the U.S. and Iran, had he been the commanding officer things may have turned out differently.

“It is a matter of protecting the lives of my men, my ships and my country's sovereignty and pride,” Kikareas said. “I am shocked that the Iranians even considered this provocative action.”

President George W. Bush said, "It was a dangerous gesture," talking about Sunday's incident, which involved five vessels, allegedly under orders from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, harassing U.S. naval forces in international waters in the Straits of Hormuz. They broke off moments before the Americans opened fire. "An ordinary occurrence," said a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

"There will be serious consequences if they attack our ships," President Bush countered.

“President Bush is absolutely right, and the world came very close to war on Sunday,” Kikareas said. “Many wars have started just like this. I would advise Iranian authorities to take full control over their Armed Forces Units to avoid future incidents, which might be fatal with unpredictable results.”

About Admiral Panagiotis Kikareas (ret.)
Admiral Panagiotis Kikareas served for 37 years in the Hellenic Navy and the NATO defense alliance. He was the Project Manager, working with MITRE Corp., for the design of the First Naval C4 I System. He also was the creator of the Naval Automated Surveillance System. Admiral Kikareas now serves as President of the World Foundation for Peace & Security, a branch of Hellenic Aspis & Associates Inc. ( The mission of the World Foundation for Peace & Security is to assist countries in finding the best ways to build a safe, creative and prosperous environment for entire mankind to live in. For more information, please contact:

Dr. P. Kikareas
Hellenic Aspis & Associates Inc.
World Foundation for Peace & Security
President & CEO
Phone: 1-407-970-9423


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