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Kim Tinkham, diagnosed in February 2007 with stage three breast cancer and faced with surgery and chemo/radiation decided instead to search for the cause and cure for cancer and found it through Robert O. Young, D.Sc, Ph.D., a microbiologist in California.

When Kim Tinkham was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in February of 2007, and was told that she required an immediate partial radical mastectomy and possible chemo/radiation she decided to take an alternative approach to treat her illness. But finding the correct alternative was a very important, if not life threatening, decision.

She was so certain that an alternative cure could be found that she wrote a letter to the Oprah Winfrey show and was a guest in March 2007 on which she discussed her plans to find a cure through her search of an alternative approach.

After five months of searching, she found the research by microbiologist Robert O. Young, PhD, based near San Diego, California that not only explained the cause of cancer but also the protocol that would cure it and other diseases.

Robert O. Young has focused much of his career on disease research and has determined that a common link exists in people living with disease - acid. Over the last 25 years, Dr. Young said, he has researched the effects of the food we eat on the body, particularly the effect on the pH balance and the relationship between that balance and disease.

"After 25 years of research, it comes down to two premises - the body is alkaline by design and the body is acidic by function," Young says. "Breathing, thinking, eating, moving - all the things that we do in our life requires energy and that energy consumption is an acidic waste product that ends up somewhere in the fatty tissue. What I've been gauging is different lifestyle and diet and how that impacts the blood and the pH of the blood, urine and saliva."

Young's research cites excess acid as the cause for illness of all sorts, including cancer. The ideal pH, or balance between acidity and alkalinity, is 7.2. But when people add acidic foods and stress to their symptoms, the pH dips below the ideal and the body cannot eliminate excess acid from the body, transferring it to fatty tissues and contributing to weight gain and disease.

Young describes the effect of the protocol that Tinkham followed as the reverse of cancer - by reducing the intake of acid, the body is able to flush out excess acid in the body with proper exercise and hydration.

"We're putting hyper-alkalanization into the tissue. It throws the excess alkalinity in the tissue and this helps neutralize the acidity that is causing the cancer. By using the hyper-alkalanization protocol, we've seen excellent results in various cancer states, particularly in prostate, lung and colon cancers and breast cancers," Young said. "What happens is the body goes into a release or detox where the body starts releasing acid into the blood and through proper hydration and exercise, it is eliminated. I always say you have to pee or sweat your way to health. If you want to get yourself out of a cancerous state, the getaway is through urination and perspiration. We have to maintain the integrity of the fluids of the body.

Tinkham can still feel the encapsulated tumor just underneath the surface of her skin. But she knows it's harmless. Now, it's simply her badge of honor - the reminder that she, Kim Tinkham, defeated cancer without any surgery, invasive procedures, radiation or chemotherapy.

"It (the tumor) is not killing me. It will eventually disappear," Tinkham said. "I'm cancer free by all medical terms."

A blood tests in November of 2007 (nine months after her diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer) proved that the cancer is absent from her body. But she really didn't need a blood test to tell her that. Just hours after she had her blood taken for the tests, and days before she knew the results, she was confident that her new lifestyle had allowed her body to fight the cancer.

Kim Tinkham is currently writing her book, "Cancer Angel", based on her amazing story. She is speaking to audiences about her story and sharing her protocol. Tinkham can be reached through her website at http://www.cancerangel.com. She is the editor of Tink Ink Publications and is a freelance writer.

Robert Young, Ph.D., is the author and co-author of several books, including "The pH Miracle," Dr. Young has 5 degrees in science including 3 doctorates which include a Ph.D, D.Sc., and an N.D. Dr. Young is a scientist, health nutritionist, educator, and microbiologist and is the author of 8 books pertaining to nutrition, health, the science of blood and microbiology. Dr. Young is not a medical or naturopathic doctor or practicing as such.


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