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Newly-launched web site All Heart Memories makes Internet shopping personable, bringing the one-on-one service customers appreciate to the World Wide Web. The path wasn't an easy one, but Jenny Lee discusses how she came to create a warmer, friendlier online store, including information on her just-implemented blog.

Businesswoman Jenny Lee has just launched her online gift and novelty web site, http://www.AllHeartMemories.com , providing heartwarming items to be shipped anywhere in the US. When Jenny Lee set out to open her new site, she had two goals in mind: she wanted to be her own boss, and she wanted to provide a service that put warmth into the online shopping experience. "I feel that my store offers a friend rather than a customer service representative," she says candidly, speaking proudly of her take on the online marketplace. "I feel that as important as it is to be professional, it's equally important to be a friend -- I don't mean just offering customer service, but a 'friend' who is willing to listen."

Jenny knows a great deal about what it means to provide real customer service, having experienced firsthand what it means to be a retail customer service and sales representative. Her familiarity with the way customers think, which methods work, and most important which methods do not work is what brought her unique outlook on online shopping. "I realized that when I feel that I need to provide 'professional but yet friendly' customer service, I feel obligated," says Lee, remembering her days in retail customer service. "To me obligation means work and it can get tiring and annoying when the day gets long and more than two customers decides to throw a tantrum. However, if I was helping a friend I would be more understanding."

Holding to that mindset in late 2007, Jenny opened http://www.AllHeartMemories.com , an online store with a vast array of keepsakes and photo frames for all tastes. In keeping with the name of her site, Jenny Lee offers a unique selection of heart-themed products, as well as a variety of photo frames that keep in mind the idea of "memorable" gifts. "Nothing captures and brings memories like a good photo," says Jenny, who is fond of all of her products. "I don't really have favorites, but I like the photo frames, watches, bracelets, kitchenware, and the candleholders. I think I have a very nice and unique selection of these items."

In addition to the decorative picture frames and heart-shaped tea light candles at http://www.AllHeartMemories.com , Jenny is mindful to provide an ever-growing selection of distinctive items for shoppers searching for the perfect gift. She actively seeks feedback on her products, and recently implemented a customer blog at http://www.AllHeartMemories.net to allow shoppers to interact with her directly. This sort of dialogue is responsible for the shaping of her site and products, as she always listens to her customer's requests. "I had never considered linking the term 'memorable' with the phrase 'useful' before," explains Lee, discussing how she chose some of her products. "But while a nice photo frame can bring back fond memories, so can a unique-looking trashcan. I say a trashcan of all useful items because that probably would've been one of the last things I would think about giving away as a memorable gift. However, one of my mom's friends asked me if I had a larger selection of trashcans for her to choose from. She said that everyone throws away trash every day, so why not give a pretty or unique trashcan to decorate the kitchen or bathroom? To her, a trashcan is memorable because you use it every day. Her comment made me realize there are items that I am missing, and that I can make some improvements to my 'memorable gifts' concept by thinking outside the box."


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