Practical GPS: Not Just for Guys Anymore

Share Article has launched a new blog for the GPS community, encouraging parents to take advantage of GPS systems as a technologically-savvy parenting method. As this new technology melds into common use, this and other common sense applications provide additional uses for GPS that were not obvious in years past.

Originally, many consumers thought of GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) systems as "guy gadgets" ... just one more cool car toy for guys. But not any more! Whether it's used for finding your favorite restaurant, getting to that important meeting on time, tracking your company's vehicle fleet or locating your vehicle if it's been stolen, GPS systems are wonderful additions that make our modern lives so much better and easier. But did you ever consider that a GPS system might even help you be a better parent?

While researching GPS products, Karen Gurnee quickly realized that not only were they wonderful for mapping, and anti-theft, but that GPS units could also be used to help keep teen drivers safer. She's one of a growing number of parents who are thinking outside the box when it comes to the benefits of GPS. As the owner of , an online retailer of GPS products, Karen is advocating the long view when it comes to this growing industry. "I actually didn't know much about the products, at first," she admits, thinking back on her early research into GPS technology, "but the more I started researching, the more I fell in love with them and what they can do!" Like many consumers, she initially thought GPS units were just neat gadgets for the wealthy, but further research opened her eyes to the reality of affordable prices and the benefits and greater possibilities for everyone. "My son is a good kid, and I want him to stay that way. I love the Millennium Plus GPS vehicle tracking system because it gives teens a 'reverse peer pressure' tool, and that helps keep him a good kid. Teens can tell their friends that 'they can't' because there's a GPS device on the car that lets their parents know where they are and how fast they're going. And that's just the beginning. As parents, you can also set it up so that you are notified via cell phone if they go outside a set boundary or go over an assigned speed limit. One teen's parents even used their GPS speed and tracking log to exonerate their teenage son and help him honestly and legitimately get out of a speeding ticket!"

Karen recently opened to help bring GPS technology to the public, but her latest addition to the site has brought her to the forefront of the community: an on-site blog that allows her to communicate directly with her customers and other parents about how GPS systems can benefit them Tracking and anti-theft GPS systems can locate your vehicle worldwide from your computer or cell phone, as well as monitor how fast it is driving, lock/unlock doors and disable the starter motor. "If we lock our keys in the car, we can just go to our computer or cell phone and unlock the door" says Karen. Also, if your vehicle is stolen you can log onto your computer, identify it's location, disable the starter, call the police and have them pick up your vehicle for you! Can you imagine the security and peace of mind of always knowing where your car (or teen driver) is! Beyond the simple convenience of finding where you're going with a mapping GPS, there's the added protection of tracking and anti-theft GPS units. Visitors to are encouraged to take part in Karen's new blog, sharing their experiences and asking questions so that the community can grow together, better benefitting from advances in GPS technology and outside-the-box uses for the current systems.

GPS technology is noteworthy for its simplicity and convenience, but it is rapidly becoming an invaluable tool in driver security, and now even in modern parenting. As new uses are discovered, GPS owners are discussing their results in places like Karen Gurnee's blog, . If enough parents start thinking like Karen Gurnee at , using the Information Superhighway will become a safety necessity for drivers on the actual highways, and we'll all stop thinking of GPS systems just as cool toys for guys who love their cars.

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