Talking to Aging Parents Shouldn't Be So Hard; Professional Aging Coach to Reveal Secrets to Better Communication

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Aging Coach to discuss "7 Reasons You're Not Getting Through to Your Aging Parents. And What You Can Do To Make Things Better" in TeleCourse Series for Adult Children of Aging Parents beginning January 23, 2008.

The fact that the American population is growing older and living longer is nothing new. The fact that all this aging is creating a "communication crisis" between aging parents and their adult children might be.

According to professional aging coach, Gail McConnon, "Adult children of aging parents are finding that the communication gap of their teen years is back. And, it has widened and ratcheted up a few notches now that the roles are reversed."

Why does this matter? It matters because:

  •     Mid-life adults are increasingly taking on various degrees of care-giving responsibility for their later-life parents and loved ones. Close to 40% of US workers are more involved in caring for a parent than in caring for a child. And, these numbers are growing.
  •     Communication is a primary factor in determining how smooth or rocky the adult child/aging parent relationship will be. If the lines of communication break down, far more than time can be lost.
  •     We simply don't know how to talk to our elders. So, we talk down to them as if they were 2 year olds, or we pretend they're just like us. Either way, we fail.

"Talking to aging parents can be like talking to a brick wall on roller skates!" explained Ms. McConnon. "One minute a question is met with silence. The next time, it's an accusation for having waited so long to ask. It's no wonder you reach a point of frustration and near melt-down. The fact of the matter is, though, 9 times out of 10 you talked yourself into your own headache."

Seven sources of communication breakdown will be discussed in the upcoming TeleCourse series, "7 Reasons You're Not Getting Through to Your Aging Parents…And What You Can Do to Make Things Better." Offered by Celebrate Aging, Ltd. (, this seven week series will give participants the tools to understand:

1.    How the year and culture into which you were born set the stage for mis-communicating with your parents, and what you can do to ease the problem.

2.    How you communicate differently from your aging parents, and how to start translating your thoughts into their language.

3.    Why your assumptions about your aging parents get you into trouble, and how to turn those assumptions upside down.

4.    How to recognize and decipher your aging parents' hidden communication signals.

5.    What aging is all about from your parents' perspective, and how you can make life easier for both of you by using that perspective to your advantage.

6.    What you do that creates the greatest friction between you and your parents, and what you can do to turn that friction inside-out.

7.    Why your aging parents keep focusing on the past, and how you can help them fulfill their legacy mission.

"Basically, it's up to the mid-life adult to learn a new language - the language of aging," explained Ms. McConnon. "It isn't difficult. It's vital."

For more information on and/or to register for this 7 week TeleCourse, go to

Gail McConnon can be reached at 740-587-3604.

Gail McConnon is a Professional Aging Coach who helps adults in life's second half navigate the often messy work of aging. Gail is certified as a coach, master practitioner of HNLP and hypnotherapy, and a Sage_ing CircleTM Facilitator. A writer and speaker, Gail holds BA, MPH, and MS degrees.

Gail McConnon, Professional Aging Coach
Celebrate Aging, Ltd.


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