'Weight Loss Web Summit' Takes Aim At Diet Industry

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Is the $40 Billion-a-year weight loss industry making its customers fatter - and ruining their health in the process?

Is the $40 Billion-a-year weight loss industry making its customers fatter - and ruining their health in the process?

That's the controversial claim that will be leveled during the upcoming "Weight Loss Web Summit," a free online seminar ("webinar") being conducted January 22 by GetOffTheYoYo.com.

GetOffTheYoYo, the first internet support site dedicated exclusively to helping end the cycle of Yo-Yo dieting, has labeled the online event an "emergency" session.

"That's not hype at all," says co-founder Lisa Packer. "This time of year, everyone becomes focused on losing weight. People make the resolution that this year, I'm finally going to do something about this problem. They go it alone for a few weeks, but by the end of January, they start looking for help. We want to make sure they have the facts before they spend money, only to have their hopes crushed again."

The help dieters are seeking, according to Packer, all too often comes from an industry more concerned with profits than the well-being of its customers. She says she and co-founder Dr. Scott Olson have uncovered facts the industry would rather not have publicized.

For example: "Weight Watchers is running a huge advertising campaign right now," says Packer. "They claim they're the 'only one that works.' And they have studies that they say back them up. It's only when you look deeper into those studies that you see the picture isn't so rosy."

But Olson and Packer intend to offer more than just a juicy expose of the diet industry. Olson, a Naturopathic Doctor with a special interest in nutrition, will also be offering specific advice on how to lose weight - without the help of any book or program.

"Doctors have known for a long time what causes weight gain and what causes weight loss," Dr. Olson says. "There is no magic secret. I'll be explaining right up front what people can do to lose weight and keep it off, without being hungry at all."

That may sound like a tall order, but Dr. Olson insists it isn't. "It's all about working with people's natural body chemistry. Especially those who've yo-yo dieted in the past - their body has been affected by that cycle, and they need to understand how food reacts in their system now."

The "Emergency 'Weight Loss Web Summit'" will take place January 22 at 12 Noon Eastern time. There is no cost or obligation for attending, but registration is required at least 24 hours in advance.

Find out more by visiting http://www.GetOffTheYoYo.com


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