Cytodyne's Celebrated Original Management Team Returns and Prepares for a Major Restoration of the Xenadrine Brand in 2008

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Revitalized by the return of the celebrated management team that introduced Xenadrine RFA-1 and established it as the top-selling thermogenic weight-loss supplement in industry history, Cytodyne Technologies is unveiling an extensive new program of product development and marketing initiatives for 2008, highlighted by the launch of a high-performance replacement to the flagship product line, Ultra-Strength Xenadrine-EFX.

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At heart, we're research and development guys first and foremost

The company that launched the first golden age of thermogenic weight loss, Cytodyne Technologies (a division of NutraQuest Inc), has rocked the diet supplement industry with several new announcements concerning their management team and new plans for a major revival of the company's flagship Xenadrine brand in 2008.

In a development that will have far-reaching effects on the supplement marketplace, the management team that founded Cytodyne Technologies and turned it into an industry giant has emerged from a self-imposed five-year hiatus from the retail sector. After devoting those years to working with top researchers on intensive scientific investigation into new technologies designed to facilitate high-impact thermogenesis and weight loss, the management team and Cytodyne are now poised to re-enter the diet supplement retail marketplace in a very high-profile way.

Secondly, and perhaps even more importantly, Cytodyne is introducing a cutting-edge new version of its flagship Xenadrine-EFX product which will be called Ultra-Strength Xenadrine-EFX. This new version contains a unique patented compound that provides an added dimension of powerful weight-loss efficacy that goes beyond anything previously available in the EFX product line.

"This is a thrilling time for us and for our many millions of loyal customers," Cytodyne founder and president Bob Chinery says. "People thought we were gone, but the truth was the exact opposite. In fact, we were concentrating on research and development without the distractions of marketing and retailing. We assembled an elite research team headed by a renowned medical doctor and two leading university researchers and set them to work on a number of entirely new paths of scientific investigation regarding thermogenesis, fat loss, and energy production."

Cytodyne's five-year program of exclusive focus on research and development represents a radical departure from typical business protocol in the supplement industry. "Chinery has always been a fanatic about the hard science end of this business," says Cytodyne Director of Sales, Kelly Conklin. "I remember May of 2003, when he said we were going to license the brand to another company and focus exclusively on what we do best, developing innovative new products. I was shocked. We were far and away the #1 selling brand in the industry at that time. Any other company would have just coasted along and exploited the sales potential, but not Cytodyne. Now that I see how far ahead of the industry we are on the science end, it all makes sense. It would have been next to impossible to achieve these scientific developments while simultaneously managing the distractions of the sales and marketing end of the business.

"But that's Chinery. He's always emphasized the importance of extraordinary product quality as the foundation first and foremost. His philosophy has always been that if your product is truly outstanding, the sales will quickly follow."

Indeed, industry buzz has been building about the first of those products out of the pipeline, Ultra-Strength Xenadrine-EFX. Cytodyne has been keeping a tight rein on information about its newest product launch, but advance word on the newly patented weight-loss compound that functions as the cornerstone weight-loss agent in the new formulation has been overwhelmingly positive. And then there's the industry-wide whispering about an even more remarkable major thermogenic breakthrough on the horizon for later this year. No one associated with Cytodyne would provide any specifics, though Kelly Conklin was willing to admit, "That product is going to change the industry the way Xenadrine RFA-1 did in 1998." New information about both products will begin to appear later this month when websites at and go live.

Meanwhile, competing manufacturers who have capitalized on Cytodyne's retailing pullback in recent years are understandably nervous. "Oh, yeah, they remember what happened last time," says Cytodyne Chief Scientific Advisor Jeff Volek. "Xenadrine RFA-1 dominated the industry. Everyone from elite athletes to housewives were using it and getting terrific weight-loss results. Xenadrine RFA-1 established benchmarks that other companies in this industry still haven't matched. It passed the strictest clinical tests universities and independent research facilities could subject it to. It even outperformed the prescription weight-loss drug Xenical® in a head-to-head clinical test. Now that the original Cytodyne team is back in the marketplace, these other companies may be looking at some lean years ahead."    

For right now, though, the original Cytodyne team is just happy to be back in a position where they can reach out to their devoted customers and return to the business of helping them achieve their fitness goals.

"At heart, we're research and development guys first and foremost," Chinery says. "But after five years of intense research and development, it's going to be fun to get out into the marketplace, introduce some products we're genuinely proud of, and go toe-to-toe with some of the hype-driven competition."


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