Book 'Spiriting Around' Gives Head Start on Success

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12 good ideas to give you a jump start on your success. How love and having conscious values provide the foundation to reach any goal. How personal direction, self-encouragement, and responsibility give each of us the control we want to find satisfaction in life.

Each of us depends on ourselves to succeed in life, to create our survival, and to inspire the dreams in our imagination. That's life. That's a soul's job. Everyone has to do it and, fortunately, everyone has the talent to do it. It's an amazing system of limitless opportunities and each of us has to find a simple path through it that makes sense to us in a controllable way. And the funny thing about depending on ourselves to succeed in life is that everyone needs help. The good news is that people have been doing this for a long time and have developed dependable systems with rules people respect that any person can embrace as their first opportunity.

So here are 12 rules for a head start on success.

1) Success isn't about great public accomplishments. A person's love, their involvement in life, and their intention to do well are the real meaning of success.
2) Everyone wants success---now! Feeling unsuccessful is uncomfortable. If someone is feeling impatient and want their success right away, they should go eat a good meal, buy a shirt, or play a game. Then get real because it all takes time.
3) Patience is the most practical path. Important goals can take a long time to achieve. It's usually that way so accept the process and don't give up.
4) Know what you want, spell it out, act on it. A person doesn't wave a wand to create their life; they build it with their responsibility, self-reliance, and effort.
5) Know the playing field, know the rules, and get the tools. Life's a work in progress that never ends.
6) Respect hard work, courage, and an eye for opportunities. We build our lives on them.
7) Develop your resources. It's the same game for everyone. Get God involved. Have a partner. Let God take some responsibility for your life.
8) Failure only comes when a person stops trying. It's okay to pace yourself. You're not in a race with anyone. Your life is about you. You're not anyone else.
9) Doing things the right way is the way to guarantee a person's complete success. We need to learn to trust ourselves and trust life.
10) Believe that you can have what you want---and that love will give it to you.
11) Real success isn't about how well a person manages their money. It's about how well they manage their love.
12) We should try to touch the love inside us in everything we do. Love is the essence of spirituality so our spirituality is as real and practical as any other part of life. We should use it and let it prove itself to us.

Now a person should be ready to learn everything they need to know that gives them what they want. Then they can use it to engage their life because life only asks a person for one thing---leadership. If someone isn't sure they can do it, they're wrong. The responsibility a person has for their life is theirs for a very good reason. They're capable of doing it well.

Mark Tomback has over 35 years experience in spiritual matters and it's always come naturally to him. He currently lives in South Florida with his family.

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