TenBestStocks Model Portfolio Appreciates 32.1% During 2007 Exceeding All Major Market Indexes

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TenBestStocks' professionally engineered stock investment process generated an exceptional 32.1% total return in 2007 exceeding all major market indexes including the S&P 500. The TenBestStocks' Investment Process provides the independent, self-directed investor with the most highly disciplined, totally objective, and fully validated option for personal portfolio management.

The TenBestStocks Model Portfolio achieved a 32.1% total return for the 12 month period ending December 31, 2007. This performance exceeded the return of all key major market indexes during 2007 including the 4.2% return of the benchmark S&P 500 Index. A full performance comparison of the Model Portfolio TenBestStocks to each market index is attached to this press release.

The TenBestStocks Model Portfolio comprises the top ten stocks as identified by the TenBestStocks computer model and represents an index of performance for the proprietary TenBestStocks process. Weekly changes in the Model Portfolio value versus the major market indicators are tracked each week at http://www.tenbeststocks.com . Full details on the basis of the TenBestStocks Model Portfolio and how it is managed can be found at TenBestStocks Method on the company website.

The TenBestStocks Investment Process is designed specifically for disciplined, self-directed investors seeking a fully validated, well-documented tool for portfolio management. "Successful investors understand that an effective investing system must not only be fact-based and objective but executed with commitment and discipline," says Robert L. Bright, President and Founder of TenBestStocks and Professional Engineer. "Successful long-term investing is not about 'hot stock tips.' Our most successful subscribers manage their portfolios with discipline and a clear commitment to their individual investment strategies.''

Using strict engineering and statistical principles, each week the unique TenBestStocks computer model evaluates an updated pool of over 700 stocks using a proprietary mathematical algorithm. Each stock in the pool is carefully identified and selected from highly screened, well-established financial resources based on its potential for future performance. All stocks are computer processed (using between 15-20 measurable technical and fundamental facts for each stock), ranked from highest-to-lowest in performance potential, and provided to subscribers each week in an easily understandable, no-nonsense format through its membership website. "We deliver our subscribers the most effective, time-efficient, and fully transparent process available for identifying stocks with exceptional appreciation potential over a 6 to 12 month time horizon based solely on measurable facts," said Bright.

From its inception in May 1999, through December 31, 2007 the TenBestStocks Model Portfolio generated an average annual return of 21.3% per year compared to an average annual return of 1.7% per year for the S&P 500 Index during the same period. A $10,000 investment made on May 29, 1999, adjusted weekly as necessary was worth $52,013 on December 31, 2007. All transactions associated with the Model Portfolio performance are fully disclosed to subscribers at TenBestStocks Performance History on the company website.

"The principal objective of TenBestStocks is to consistently outperform the major market indexes over rational investment timeframes -- specifically the S&P 500 -- which it has achieved," said Bright. "By consistently exceeding the S&P 500 we know that TenBestStocks is outperforming over 80% of all mutual funds and professional money managers."

During 2007 TenBestStocks expanded the range of information and services provided to its subscribers. These innovations include a ranked listing of the top 500 stocks with complete financials and weekly rank changes provided in both pdf and spreadsheet formats; RSS links to TenBestStocks news; and the unique TBS Market Signal (tm). To assure efficient investing decisions, TenBestStocks provides its subscribers simple access to all information through its website. "In the current age of informational overload from the Internet and financial media we want to assure that receiving TenBestStocks' information doesn't waste our subscribers' time," said Bright.

The average TenBestStocks investor can substantively duplicate the performance of the TenBestStocks Model Portfolio in his own personal portfolio using the weekly update information. Most investors use the weekly TenBestStocks Update as an important investing tool for identifying specific stocks or confirming transaction decisions.

While the mathematics of the TenBestStocks computer model is complex using the TenBestStocks Investing Process is neither complex nor time consuming. The typical subscriber managing 10 to 12 stocks spends no more than an hour a week making the necessary adjustments to his or her portfolio. "The TenBestStocks disciplined investing system becomes an invaluable tool for our subscribers saving them significant time in making their personal investing decisions while minimizing subjective factors," said Bright. "TenBestStocks works because it is a professionally engineered investing process based on sound mathematical and statistical principles."

For additional information on TenBestStocks.com, Inc. or the TenBestStocks Investment Process contact Robert L. Bright or visit http://www.tenbeststocks.com . To receive weekly email updates of TenBestStocks performance visit Warts 'n All Report.

About TenBestStocks.com, Inc.:

Launched in November 2001, TenBestStocks.com, Inc. is a subscription based firm providing proprietary stock data to individual subscribers via a secure Internet website. It has a global subscriber base characterized by a wide range of economic and personal backgrounds. TenBestStocks.com operates on the hallmark principles of transparency, respect for its subscribers, and personal availability to its subscribers. TenBestStocks.com, Inc. is not a financial planner, financial analyst, or brokerage firm and does not provide specific buy or sell recommendations for any stocks.


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