Fitness Resolutions Can Derail in January: David Berger Gives Advice for Maintaining Commitment

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Most Americans who envisioned a healthier 2008 are already struggling to keep their New Year's resolutions to get in shape. Healthy Weight Week, which begins on January 20, provides some motivation those who are tempted to slack, and fitness guru David Berger offers additional help to get exercisers get through this difficult period.

It's only mid-January, but most Americans who envisioned a healthier 2008 are already struggling to keep their New Year's resolutions to get into or stay in shape. Luckily, Healthy Weight Week, which begins on January 20, comes just in time to motivate those who are tempted to slack and provides an extra incentive to commit to shedding a few pounds. Fitness guru David Berger offers advice for this critical period.

Berger, a personal performance coach, stresses keeping a positive attitude toward a fitness routine. "Most people simply give up on their resolutions, but the darkest hour often comes just before the dawn," he says. Commitment, he adds, is the first of the four values highlighted in his own Number One Me™ personal coaching fitness DVD. (More information about the four values is available at "Commitment is key to overcoming obstacles to reaching any goal. To restore your commitment, remind yourself about the reasons you originally resolved to get in shape and how much you're going to enjoy the outcome. Focus on those things when you're trying to get over a hurdle."

It's hard work to maintain this kind of commitment, but consistency can help. "When you make the effort every day to be consistent in your workout plan, you'll find that it becomes not only easier, but something you actually look forward to," Berger says. "In fact, you'll probably want to progress to even higher levels of fitness because you'll feel great!"

Of course, enthusiastic support also makes it easier to reach a goal, and a program like that on Berger's Number One Me DVD, which offers more than 45 body-weight-only progressive exercises at three levels, served with high-energy motivation, easily fits the bill for those who don't have access to personal trainers.

More information about Healthy Weight Week can be found at

About David Berger: At the age of 18, weighing over 250 pounds with a 40-inch waist and a pack-a-day smoking habit, David Berger struggled to climb a single flight of stairs. David's journey to better health began when he quit smoking. He also decided that he would immediately begin eating healthier and exercising, climbing a single flight of stairs a day and adding another flight each week. He also started performing calisthenic exercises. Through his commitment to his consistent and progressive approach, he lost over 88 pounds and 6 inches from his waist within one year! David went on to earn a degree in Kinesiology from West Chester University and launch Progressive Fitness Coaching and now the Number One Me! personal coaching DVD.

About Number One Me™ at Increase your core strength, balance, endurance and flexibility … Be Fit for Life! David Berger's Number One Me--Personal Coaching for Personal Best! Learn to effectively use the single greatest piece of exercise equipment ever created…your body! On the DVD, Berger teaches more than 45 calisthenic exercises in three levels of progression: Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced. Exercise at your convenience and in the comfort of your home with peak-performance coach David Berger. No more excuses.


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