Lose Weight, Gain Health -- Dahn Yoga's 7-Point Diet

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Ilchi Lee http://www.ilchi.com) explains how stressful living, inadequate exercise, and poor nutrition make it easy to gain weight and hard to take it off -- and keep it off. The problem and solution are found in our digestion, which affects overall health. His Dahn Yoga (http://www.dahnyoga.com), a body-mind fitness system based on ancient Korean practices, has powerful diet and exercise programs for losing weight and regaining health. Dahn Yoga's guidelines involve eating good foods to obtain optimal life-enhancing nutrition and energy. He gives seven points for a diet that delivers health and well-being.

"Stressful living, inadequate exercise and poor nutrition make it easy to gain weight and hard to take it off and keep it off," declares Ilchi Lee (http://www.ilchi.com), president of the University of Brain Education (South Korea). He adds, "A large part of the problem and solution is what is happening to our digestion, and therefore our health. Most people experience a build up of waste in their intestines, which negatively affects all our vital functions -- including the brain -- even leading to an unfavorable emotional impact."

Lee teaches that a combination of diet and exercise works wonders. He founded Dahn Yoga (http://www.dahnyoga.com), a body-mind fitness training system with brain-enhancing and energy-circulation tools to recover and maintain health and well-being. Based on ancient Korean health practices and modern brain research, Dahn Yoga is practiced around the world.

Lee explains why practicing Dahn Yoga is effective in managing weight and health, "Diet and exercise together can substantially improve the circulation of oxygenated blood to your internal organs and throughout your entire body, allowing it to burn fat more effectively from the inside. This eliminates your body's accumulated toxins, especially in the digestive tract, caused by stress and tension. And restores your body's sense of what foods it needs and how much is right for you." The outcome is losing weight naturally, and learning what is required to keep it off.

The Dahn Yoga exercise program was described in a recent article (http://www.ilchi.com/ilchi-lee/news/lose-weight,-gain-health-%26mdash;-with-5-dahn-yoga-exercises//).

Regarding the Dahn Yoga diet program, Lee says, "This diet involves eating good foods to obtain the most nutrition and energy possible for the body and mind, and especially to improve digestion and general health." He recommends the following seven strategies for a diet that can deliver greater health, happiness and peace:

1. Eat mostly natural and organic food, especially raw and whole foods grown locally, such as seasonal fruit and vegetables. Containing optimal nutrition and energy, these foods improve your natural healing power by reducing the strain on your body caused by processed foods and chemicals.

2. Drink five to eight glasses of water a day, but not for 2 hours before or after a meal. By not diluting your digestive juices with water around mealtime, your digestion is calmer and more effective. Therefore, you feel full and satisfied earlier in your meal. Reinforcing this with consistent exercise helps reduce excess fat, especially around your middle.

3. Eat smaller amounts of food at each meal -- less than 10.6-14 ounces (300-400 grams). For the average adult, this provides the necessary nutrition and avoids taxing the digestive system.

4. Take small bites and chew each one at least 30 times. This eases the workload on the stomach and intestines, and extracts more nutrition from your food.

5. Eat only when your body tells you it needs food. Habitual eating overworks the digestion process with excess food, much of which turns to fat.

6. Cook your own food. This makes you feel more connected to Nature and the Earth, through your food and the energy it provides your body.

7. Make eating into meditation -- with a peaceful and grateful mind -- in order to derive greater energy from your food. Chew with your eyes closed or looking down at the plate, while focusing on your abdomen and visualizing the food's energy going down into the core of your body. This helps produce enough saliva in your mouth, which makes digestion more efficient. With better energy flowing inside, you tend to crave smaller portions, less salt and sugar, and more fruit and vegetables.

For people who want to make the Dahn Yoga seven-point diet their new way of eating, Lee has developed the 21-Day Miracle (http://www.ilchi.com/what-is-21m?/), an online goal-achievement program designed to support personal improvement and changing habits.

For an on-site guided healing program based on Lee's system, the Restorative Fasting program was designed to break the "addictive" eating pattern. It aims to reduce weight in a natural way, cleanse toxins and rejuvenate the body while restoring its sense of food types and amounts needed, and teach participants how to keep excess weight off. Held at the Fallsview BEST5 Resort & Spa (http://www.fallsviewresortspa.com/act_programs.aspx#5) in Ellenville, NY, the program runs for three, four or six days.

For January 2008, certain Dahn Yoga Centers are offering open and free classes in weight loss and health gain. Find their locations and schedules online (http://www.dahnyoga.com/general/news_view.asp?id=445).

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