Health-E-Tips, Inc. Launches "A Movin' Minute™

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At Your Desk Exercises Anyone Can Do - No More Excuses!™ The Movin' Minutes™ are in-office exercises that get employees more active throughout the day. A Movin' Minute™ is a set of five very simple, but effective exercises performed 10 times each that take about one minute to complete. These mini-workouts alternate between routines that are done while standing or sitting in a chair.

To our surprise, we find employers are using them as fitness breaks during meetings. And, The Movin' Minute™ is a great tool for companies to tie incentives to performance. But most amazing, is that the Movin Minutes™ can be performed by people who have a disability or other impairment that limits mobility. Employers are loving these

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Health-E-tips., Inc., a leader in providing simple, realistic solutions to living each day a little healthier, has launched A Movin' Minute.

Health-E-tips delivers a new Movin' Minute™ every week, providing employees 52 unique routines over the year. Each Movin' Minute™ can be used multiple times throughout the day, or several weeks can be combined for a more extensive exercise option. Also included in each weekly communication is a short, simple tip that teaches a new healthy habit, for example "Snack with your non-dominant hand, you will have to think more about what you are doing and you will eat less."

According to Health-E-tips founder Patti Howell, "We are all familiar with the jam-packed day and our schedules leave very little time for exercise. People shy away from exercise because of time or money or they don't feel comfortable going to the gym or an exercise class, and in the worst case, just feel hopeless about their health," Howell explains. "Also, employers are looking for simple solutions, because that is what employees desire. So, we developed a solution to make exercise more attractive. Not only are the Movin' Minutes™ fun, but everyone can do at least a minute. The Movin' Minute™ is a way for people to ease into or get back into exercising, or simply add activity to their daily life. The Movin' Minutes™ can be used privately or as a tool to challenge friends, family and co-workers."

Howell says, "Taking mini-breaks throughout the day to re-energize will boost your work performance and scheduling exercise into your daily routine will improve self-esteem, boost confidence and ultimately make a difference in everything you attempt in life. Just five minutes a day can add up to significant results when you realize that this amounts to 25 minutes a week and 3 pounds over the course of the year for an overweight person."

"To our surprise, we find employers are using them as fitness breaks during meetings. And, The Movin' Minute™ is a great tool for companies to tie incentives to performance. But most amazing, is that the Movin Minutes™ can be performed by people who have a disability or other impairment that limits mobility. Employers are loving these," exclaims Howell.

Michelle Pawlik, Protective Life Corporation, has found Health-E-tips "to be the most easily implemented and applicable health education tool she has seen in the 17 years that she has been doing worksite health promotion." Pawlik is a health advocate for her state and spreads health-related ideas across the country to her peers. As a Health-E-tips customer for four years, she is excited about rolling out A Movin' Minute™ in her organization. "The timing for this program is perfect. Our 21st annual fitness event is underway and we are also a weigh-in site for Scale Back Alabama, a statewide weight loss program!"

Michele Roberts, president, Blue Moon Vacations, a customer of the weekly health tips for five years says, "You really do learn some helpful tips, things that apply to real life. And the Movin' Minute™ is another great product that everyone can do. Hopefully it will get people inspired to do even more. We are going to encourage folks to challenge each other to do hundreds of minutes every month. We are looking at developing an incentive program with this and we'll keep you posted."

Also eager to provide a way for employees to "have no more excuses" is Janelle Albrecht, Connexus Energy, Ramsey, Minnesota, a state that has a huge push for the entire population to get healthy. Albrecht says, "You try everything to get your employees to exercise, but this is a neat way for them to have something at their fingertips. I cannot be accused of not giving them a reasonable solution. We are eager to roll this out this year."

About Health-E-tips, Inc.

Health-E-tips, Inc. has been educating America for years. From their corporate subscription business to their JAM School Program, people of all ages are relying on these simple solutions to improve their health, a little each day. Reducing the rising trend of obesity, which causes a host of other medical problems, takes coordinated efforts from parents, educators and even our communities. By targeting corporations, Health-E-tips reaches parents, who in turn can help teach and be good role models for their kids. But Health-E-tips also identified a big need to reach kids directly, so in 2006 they launched the JAM (Just-a-Minute) School Program, a free program for schools. Like the corporate products, JAM teaches kids healthier habits through the monthly Health-E-tips newsletter and gets kids moving with a one-minute physical activity minute called the JAMmin' Minute™.

While initially concentrating only on their home state of California, word spread like wildfire and JAM is now reaching 1.5 million kids across 48 states. When asked, "To what do you attribute the success of the program?" Howell replies, "We have been amazed at the extraordinary response we have received across the country. Our original plan was to become a success in our own state by setting out to attract school-age kids and their parents, and without realizing it, we found that teachers and staff are using JAM for staff wellness as well. There is such pent up demand for a simple, actionable approach to improving health, that JAM has even caught on at the government level in several states. Government employees are spreading the word about JAM and even using the physical activity minutes during staff meetings. We are very excited and amazed at how our reach grows daily," says Howell.

About the Team:

Founder, Patti Howell
Patti Howell founded Health-E-tips, Inc. after getting both her kids into school and knowing what caught her attention in the world of health information. After successful careers with Price Waterhouse and Hallmark Cards, Patti is following her passion to help people improve their health and wellness, a little each day.

The Health-E-tips team comes complete with Tracey Mallett, internationally recognized fitness expert and popular media figure, and Patricia Bannan, Registered Dietitian, who has appeared on numerous health programs and received her training at the National Institutes of Health, one of the leading sources for health information.


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