Mining Expert Interviewed on Site Visit to Soltera Mining Corp.'s Argentina El Torno Gold Project

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Metals and Minerals Digest has published an interview with gold and silver mining expert, journalist David Bond. The regular Kitco contributor and award winning journalist makes a compelling case for being long Soltera Mining Corp. (OTCBB: SLTA).

Metals and Minerals Digest has published an interview with gold and silver mining expert, journalist David Bond following his site visit to Soltera Mining Corp.'s (OTCBB:SLTA) Argentina El Torno gold project.

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Soltera's El Torno Project has a gold-rich quartz vein up to 14 km long and 14 m wide where highly qualified opinion (non 43-101) backed by historic exploration is that characteristics for 2M ounces exists in just one small section of the vein. Mr. David Bond, has recently returned from a tour of Soltera Mining Corp.'s El Torno project. David is an award winning journalist, he is a regular contributor to Kitco, is an expert in the gold and silver mining industry, and he publishes a web site

Excerpts of Interview with David Bond
Excerpt 1) "David Bond, Mining Expert: It's compelling for two reasons; number one, it's a good exploration play, also it's a very good production play. The mine has historic (non NI43-101) numbers, … Peñoles drilled the thing out ten years ago, they found at minimum a half a million ounces of gold - projecting strike and the depth of the vein there - you're probably looking at a world class deposit. For a company with a market cap like $20 Million you just can't lose."

Excerpt 2) "Metals & Minerals Digest: In some photos we have seen, one photo specifically, you were walking through the stock work I guess, through the tunnels that were built, what were your observations through there?

David Bond, Mining Expert: What impressed me was what confident ground it was. This is very solid ground, it very good ground, the air is good, in other words its not going to be a hassle to mine - you get into some places where you have water issues, you have ratty rock confidence - that's not the case here."

Excerpt 3) "Metals & Minerals Digest: Parts of El Torno was mined in spots by the Incas, Spanish, and the Jesuits back centuries ago using highly primitive means. It has only been recently that Puma and Peñoles went in and used modern exploration methods, they pulled out extremely good drill results, results that if replicated and enhanced upon would certainly warrant mine production.

David Bond, Mining Expert: You know they produced good drill results right from the surface and what company President, Dr Montanari is envisioning is a ramp down a little bit to follow the decline in the vein. If they do that - and again this is free gold, its combined with quartz, you have to crush the quartz to float the gold out of it, but it's a very off the shelf conventional one - there is nothing exotic about it but our requirements very well - It's a no-brainer".

Metals & Minerals Digest: With the technical leadership that Soltera has, Company President Dr. Fabio Montanari is the Geologist, I understand he's located near to the property and is conducting preliminary exploration. You had a chance to meet with Dr. Montanari, any comments from him that might be of interest to our listeners?

David Bond, Mining Expert: Well he's written most of the economic geology text books, they are required reading if you study geology in Europe. He's one of the brightest guys out here, he knows the country, and best of all he has a good relationship … He loves what he does. This guy - I wish we had him up here in Idaho, he's a bright guy.

Metals & Minerals Digest: From what we know about the recent drilling by Puma and Peñoles; Impressive historic numbers were recorded by Puma minerals back in I believe it was the late 90s and their gold values from the main vein were between 5 g/t and 37 g/t and the stockwork system showed up to 23 g/t gold accompanied by silver in the ratio of 1:1. Subsequently Peñoles re-interpreted the Puma Minerals drill data and after further aforementioned work estimated (non 43-101 compliant) that a 1.3 km length of the vein would have the potential for more than 500,000 ounces of gold to a depth of 100 m and that a 2 to 2.5 km length to a depth of 400 m would have potential for more than 2 million ounces (assuming a grade of 10 g/t). I understand the current titleholder had also within the last year mined parts of the upper 2 to 3 m of parts of the El Torno vein and an alluvial deposit near to the vein … now I read "the gold was recovered as particles and micro-nuggets", can you explain that to us?

David Bond, Mining Expert: Well micro particles would be detached from the quartz, it's a free gold cyst, which means the gold is imbedded in the quartz, you have to brush up the quartz - you have to crush it and then float it to get the gold out. Not a difficult thing metallurgic, but you pick up a flight rock you don't realize what you're holding might be gosh … quarter ounce of gold … you just don't know. The preliminary work done by Peñoles and by the others, you have to remember was done at a cut off rate based on 2001 prices and gold was $300 - $280 an ounce."

Excerpt 4) "David Bond, Mining Expert: Well, sit down with your home calculator and figure $20 Million market cap and a potential 3 million ounces of gold, do the division."

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