The Age of Miracles Have Not Passed Supernatural Acts of God for Today

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Pat Holliday is releasing a new book, Healing and Miracles. While ministering, she tells of a violent, life-threatening attack upon her own life. A crazed woman assaulted her and she was left with a death endangering injury. Her testimony is truly a modern day miracle. Dr. Holliday says, "She's been privileged to see five people raised from the dead during thirty-three years of ministry. She has traveled the world for Jesus, thousands of times, has seen the impossible happen.

Pat Holliday is releasing a new book, Healing and Miracles. While ministering, she tells of a violent, life-jeopardizing attack upon her own life. A crazed woman attacked her and she was left with a death threatening injury. Her testimony is truly a modern day miracle. Dr. Holliday says, "She has been privileged to see five people raised from the dead during thirty-three years of ministry and traveled the world for Jesus, thousands of times, she has seen the impossible happen.

Dr. Holliday says, "Kathryn Kuhlman's appearance in Israel changed my life forever. It was during her meeting that the Lord healed me and called me into the miracle ministry." Since those days, Dr. Holliday tells testimonies thousands of impossible miracles. See her book, "Holliday for the King." She has traveled the world for Jesus. Five times, seen God raise the dead, blind see, deaf hear, Aides, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular dystrophy, mental illness and every kind of disease healed.

Dr. Holliday goes on to tell of a near fatal death, demoniacal attack on her life. She was praying for the sick, suddenly, a woman violently grabbed her wrist and started running. The woman pulled her along and took a wide circle and let go, projecting Holliday through the air and she violently collapsed on her right leg. The woman was like a agent from Satan sent to kill her. She was seriously hurt. They rushed her to the emergency room. Her femur bone the largest bone in her body was broken in four places. Under the power of morphine, she felt the shadow of death while demonic beings gathered around her bed, mocking, jeering and tormenting her.

Dr. Holliday tells of a supernatural miracle that she experienced in the hospital. God's presence was upon me. She said, "Someone was moving the bones inside my leg. Later, the doctor said the bone was perfectly lined up just exactly as he would have placed them for the operation. Instead of a three hour surgery, he did the surgery in fifteen minutes. He was amazed."

Convalescence and rehabilitation were long and agonizing but God healed her. Through the grace of God, she can walk without suffering with pain. It took a long time, about two years for recuperation. She says that she was not bitter and did not accuse God. Despite her devastating injuries, she is ministering again. She believes that God is still in the miracle business and her life is a great testimony to His power. So many people were praying around the world. She has reason for living finding His hand upon her life. She says, "He's real and the Devil is real but God is stronger."

Dr. Holliday had appeared on Sid Roth's television program, "It's Supernatural. The program was playing around the world. She said, "When I came home from the hospital to find thousands of desperate, hurting people had called looking for supernatural help." She returned those calls and saw the Lord healing and delivering people while she prayed for them on the phone. Their healing, deliverance miracles gave her the faith for her miracle. She was talking on the phone with Bishop Vagalas Kanco and she got up and walked across the room without assistance. She has been walking ever since!

Dr. Holliday recalls. The Apostle Paul was attacked and left for dead. He said, "Are they ministers of Christ? (I speak as a fool. I am more." He suffered many perils in the service Jesus, yet, he continued his work. Dr. Holliday says, "Paul was certainly one of the greatest Saints. Tribulations were his constant companions. Had not Paul been deeply convinced of the truth and absolute certainty of the Christian religion, he could not have continued to expose himself to such hardships. Paul just continued his work. "And so, " she says, "I will continue mine." Dr Holliday goes on testifying, Like Paul, she had been blessed to overcome the powers of the Devil, and believe that what we do on this earth counts for Jesus and is important. She had seen Jesus heal and deliver so many people before and even after this attack happened.

Dr. Holliday prayed for Mary who had a dying heart. The scars on her legs revealed removed veins for a previous open heart surgery. Mary said, "To live, I need a new heart." Dr. Holliday asked Jesus to give Mary a new heart. Holliday said that she believed Jesus for a heart.

"Mary was going to live," her pastor told her "Pastor Pat, after you left the hospital, about nine o'clock, the hospital received a heart from a man that had been killed in an accident. They took Mary up to the operating room and performed the operation. Mary received a miracle."

"Oh," Dr. Holliday replied, discouraged because she thought Jesus was going to supernaturally put a new heart into her chest. "Why do you think that was a miracle?"

"When they cut her chest open," the pastor said, "the doctor put the dead man's heart on the counter and suddenly, the heart started beating! It was a supernatural act of God. No one had touched it! It just started beating before the electric shock. The doctors were amazed. Jesus truly did give her a new heart! Praise the Lord!"

Shirley's husband, Tommy, was in intensive care. When Dr. Holliday came into the room, he had stopped breathing. She placed her hand on his head and commanded the spirit of death to leave. Tommy's eyes fluttered and he took a deep breath, he returned to life. Tommy told Dr. Holliday later. "I saw you when you came into the room. I was at the top of the room looking down at my body. I saw you come over and pray for me. Then I instantly felt myself go back into my body."

Dr. Holliday has seen Jesus raise five people from the dead. Tillie was a lady who had been deeply involved in witchcraft. She jumped out of her seat fell down. She began having a seizure, and stopped breathing her eyes became eternally fixed and she died. Dr. Holliday prayed over her for forty-five minutes and she came back alive! Dr. Julie Burke, of Jacksonville, Florida witnessed this resurrection from death. Dr. Holliday has seen the most incredible miracles. She believes the age of miracles are happening now.

Pat Holliday, Ph.D. can also be reached at Miracle Outreach Ministries
P. O. Box 56527, Jacksonville, FL 32241, (904) 733-8318
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