Top 10 Sexy Tips for a Spicy Valentine's Day

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Experts at reveal hot tips for women to banish PMS and add sizzle to Valentine's Day.

We all plan for important events-weddings, anniversaries, vacations, graduations-so why not put a little thought into Valentine's Day? A great Valentine's experience for you and your sweetheart entails more than a bunch of thorny roses or some slinky lingerie that shines a bright light on every trouble spot suffering the effects of gravity.

1. First and foremost, consider your emotional state for Valentine's Day. Pull together a calendar to chart your or your love one's PMS ( has a handy email alert system to prevent PMS from catching you off-guard).
2. If PMS coincides with V-Day, banish the monthly malady by picking up a copy of the bestselling The Princess and the PMS/The Prince and the PMS to help plan around the monster. Just a few examples of preemptive action include: natural supplements to prevent water retention, take-charge strategies to vanquish crankiness, and herbal remedies to recharge your sex drive, ensuring that you and your significant other have a night to remember.
3. Decide if you want a night out on the town or a candlelit dinner at home. Remember to let your significant other know, too.
4. Plan well in advance for any presents you may want to buy for your beloved…February 14th is not an ideal shopping day, between the crowds, your waxing, hair appointment, etc.
5. Decide on what you should wear. Try it on a couple weeks in advance to be sure it doesn't need any alterations. The holiday season can play havoc with your waistline!
6. Don't wait until the last minute to make reservations. The hot spots will be booked up a few weeks in advance, and unless you want to be seated at 11pm or visit your local IHOP, remember the early bird catches the champagne and fois gras!
7. To create the perfect setting, request the table at which you'd like to be seated. Steer clear of walkways to the restroom, tables to close to the kitchen door, etc.
8. Think about your conversation. Of course, you don't want to spend your romantic, candlelit dinner discussing the realities of PMS-induced mood swings. Pick topics of interest to both of you: favorite vacation spots, shared memories, work, play, hobbies, pretty much anything but politics if you sit on opposite sides of the aisle.
9. Go easy on the cocktails. You're shooting for a night to remember not a night you'll long to forget.
10. Laugh and enjoy your Valentine's Day.

PMS Central provides tools and advice to assist women address the often taboo subject of Premenstrual Syndrome. At PMS Central, you can access helpful information from professional experts on nutrition, exercise, relaxation, relief products and transformational skills to better manage your symptoms. The "brother" site, PMS Red Flag provides a PMS calendar management tool, providing email alerts as a reminder that her "time of the month" is near, helping men plan important events and activities around sensitive dates that might be adversely affected by PMS.

Inside the pages of the bestselling The Princess and the PMS /The Prince and the PMS women and men will learn different ways to treat symptoms that include getting calcium from food other than ice cream and using supplements and herbs to treat everything from migraines to a Ding Dong® addition. There are also chapters with advice from relationship experts who have a unique way of handing PMS its walking papers--a particularly useful tool with Valentine's Day approaching.

The Princess and the PMS / The Prince and the PMS, from Quantum Leaves Publishing, is available at all major book retailers. The book is also available at PMS Central, a web portal featuring PMS-related information and coping tools, and a customizable email PMS Alert System.

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