Dr. Debby Chesnie Cooper Introduces 123 dEcode® Math

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Remediation teaches a student to learn any subject--even math

Learning disabilities affect up to 20 per cent of North America's population and greatly impact both literacy and numeracy skills.

A Durham District School Board teacher notes just how serious the issue of low literacy and numeracy skills is becoming.

"A grade nine student couldn't add six plus one without a calculator," said the teacher. "After teaching the same class for several weeks it became apparent that many students were so accustomed to working with calculators they couldn't do the simplest of math problems."

Dr. Debby Chesnie Cooper and The Chesnie Cooper Educational Centre's clinical and research practices over the past 30 years have focused almost exclusively on those referred to as "unresponsive learners," with great success. For those seeking help for their literacy and numeracy deficiencies, many of Dr. Chesnie Cooper's peers view her as a last resort.

"Every child has the ability to learn," says Dr. Debby Cooper. "Some just learn differently."

Dr. Cooper has taken time to listen and study children, choosing to follow the example of Jean Piaget, a Swiss philosopher, natural scientist and developmental psychologist, who is well known for his work studying children and his theory of cognitive development.

"Textbooks make too many assumptions and move too quickly," says Dr. Debby Cooper. "They assume learning has already taken place by the time the child enters grade one and that students have somehow learned all the previous facts needed to move forward."

With over 25 years of development and augmentation in a clinical environment, working with people of all ages and different socioeconomic groups, ABC dEcode® Reading and 123 dEcode® Math are unique in that they address the underlying processing problems which often occur in the development of reading and numeracy skills.

123 dEcode® is a learning program that systematically and thoroughly teaches the basic, simple computational skills - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, using a series of math workbooks reflecting this unique learning approach.

"This is the most complete and thorough teaching I have ever come across," is a common remark of mothers after reviewing 123 dEcode®'s computational skills.

123 dEcode® progresses to teaching the application of mathematical skills through a rules-based learning approach - fractions, integers, rationals and beyond. Like an encyclopedia, each topic can be easily referenced to view a problem's computational steps.

"For students of all ages, 123 dEcode® is serious learning and provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn math," says Dr. Cooper. "Learning through the program is satisfying and effective."

One student who had just completed learning squares with 123 dEcode® in the summer, came home after the first week of school's fall session excited and proud of what he had accomplished.

"Guess what," he exclaimed to his mother. "We had a test on squares. And thanks to Dr. Cooper, I got 100% because she made me learn that book."

"123 dEcode® has a broad application and is not limited to those with learning disabilities," says Dr. Cooper. "It can greatly benefit those without disorders; it has even proven effective with preschoolers."


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