Getting and Keeping Those Unwanted Pounds Off -- A Birthday Gift for Oprah

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Dr. C.W. Randolph says "Oprah and Bob Greene are on the right track, but are missing a key first step. Menopausal women across the country can now finally lose the weight that just never seems to come off." Dr. Randolph has developed a plan that will keep the weight off, too.

Today is Oprah Winfrey's birthday. C.W. Randolph, Jr., M.D., author of From Belly Fat to Belly Flat, celebrates her success story, her courage to give information that inspires and encourages, and her commitment to use her talents and funds for a wider global good. Now Oprah is partnering with her trusted personal trainer Bob Greene, in an effort to get one million people across America to lose weight. But, according to Dr. Randolph, "The odds are that a good number of those people will either not lose their unwanted pounds or, if they do, they will rebound." Mr. Greene (and Oprah's) premise that small but significant health lifestyle changes are the best strategy for weight loss has a great deal of merit. Unfortunately, says Randolph, it is missing a key first step.

"From my experience in treating thousands of overweight women and men, I can safely say that - if a person's hormones are out of balance -- then even the strongest willed efforts to make lifestyle changes and lose weight will be sabotaged at a cellular level," says Randolph.

As a board certified gynecologist, Dr. Randolph has safely and successfully treated women and men with hormone imbalances for more than a decade. "My clinical experience has been that most women over 30 and men over 40 experience a shift in their hormone production that causes those pounds to start to pack around the middle. In fact, weight loss research proves that because of shifting hormone production the average person will add one to two pounds around his or her middle between the ages of 35 and 55. As long as the body's cellular metabolism is compromised by an untreated hormone imbalance, those extra pounds around the middle will be nearly impossible to lose no matter how healthily you eat or how much you exercise."

Dr. Randolph, who also authored From Hormone Well to Hormone Well, says hormones work against women as they age. He works with tens of thousands of women showing them how to get rid of those unwanted pounds and keep them off as they age.

Like many women, Oprah really works hard to lose weight and keep it off by eating healthy and exercising. But admittedly has suffered some weight gain rebounds. Over the years, viewers have watched Oprah work with several diet and nutritional gurus. They have offered good guidance points on their programs, but what they do not address is the underlying physiological reason.

Here are some ways to tell if your hormones are out of balance:

Age: Oprah will turn 54 today. All women begin to experience a shift in hormone production in their early to mid-thirties. This shift causes an imbalance between the body's levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone resulting in a condition of estrogen dominance that can continue long after menopause. Multiple medical studies link estrogen dominance with weight gain, particularly around the waist, hips and thighs.

Weight: Oprah reports that she has had a life-long struggle with those extra pounds. Unfortunately, her weight loss efforts are most likely being sabotaged at a cellular level. The bad news is that too much estrogen circulating in the body increases body fat and then that fatty tissue produces and stores even more estrogen. Medical studies indicate that, if you have been ten pounds overweight for a year or more, you will be caught in a cycle of increasing estrogen dominance and your body will be predisposed to store more fatty tissue. In other words, at a cellular level the belly becomes a "fat magnet".

Stress: Dr. Randolph says that Oprah probably suffers from a degree of stress in her life because, in her magazine column What I Know For Sure, she frequently discusses her challenges in managing her busy schedule, multiple professional venture and her cherished personal time. Stress does a number on hormone balance. Chronic stress causes the levels of the hormone cortisol to surge. High cortisol levels compromise the body's metabolism and cement even more pounds around the middle.

Sleep: Bob Greene's The Best Life Diet focuses a great deal on how emotions can trigger unhealthy eating patterns. From Dr. Randolph's professional medical experience, he contends often people who struggle with emotional eating habits have grueling daily schedules and do not get enough sleep. Too little sleep negatively impacts hormones. "When you get too little sleep, levels of the hormone ghrelin become elevated while the levels of the hormone leptin become depressed. High ghrelin levels cause you to feel hungry no matter how much you eat and low leptin levels cause you to never feel full." said Randolph. "Lack of sleep that disrupts hormone levels and balance can be a contributor to emotional eating struggles."

In Dr. Randolph's just released new book, From Belly Fat to Belly Fat, he provides his medically-proven Three-Step Belly Flat Plan.

1. Analyze the patient's hormones and put her on a regimen of bio-identical hormone replacement personalized to eliminate her underlying condition of estrogen dominance and restore her optimum hormone balance at a cellular level.
2. Follow his 30-day nutritional program, including four essential belly-blasting food groups and recommended supplements, to help the body naturally excrete and eliminate its extra estrogen load.
3. Eliminate stress and lack of sleep as hormone-balance saboteurs. Says Randolph, "Based on the lifestyle program Genie (my wife and co-author) outlines, I recommend several practical stress management tools and some simple lifestyle options for sleep enhancement."

If you share Oprah's weight loss struggle and can self-identify yourself as a high-risk candidate for hormone imbalance, Dr. Randolph's books can help you.

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