Okino Computer Graphics Celebrates 20th Year of Software Development, Jan. 28 1988 to Jan. 28 2008

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Over the Last 20 Years Okino's PolyTrans & NuGraf Software Line, as well as OEM Toolkits & Technologies, Have Played a Key Role in Making Universal 3D Data Translation a Reality

Okino Computer Graphics, a leading provider and pioneer of 3D data translation technologies and solutions, is proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary of product development, starting January 28th 1988. The original development is still at the core of all Okino software. Staying true to their original goals and values, Okino's PolyTrans, NuGraf and related software products have evolved into a series of mission and application critical software applications used the world over by 10's of thousands of 3D professionals, enterprise companies, movie & television animation production houses, military & government institutions, and many others.

"As founder of Okino and a key software architect of its products, I am very pleased to have seen my company make a major impact on the 3D graphics market over the last 20 years, particularly related to its pioneering efforts in the universal conversion of all major CAD, DCC (animation) and VisSim file formats, and related programs," said Robert Lansdale, CEO and founder of Okino Computer Graphics, Inc. "For those who do not know of Okino, we have always been one of the most approachable, accessible, down to earth and innovative R&D companies in the 3D graphics market. We have always prided ourselves in placing our customers first, which has always been one of the key reasons for owning and using Okino software. PolyTrans & NuGraf are two of the most widely used and refined 3D conversion + visualization programs on the market, with personal hands-on support not often seen in this day and age. From everyone at Okino we would genuinely like to thank our user base for 20 years of wonderful cooperation, friendly communication and continued dedication to the use of our software."

Okino has long been a primary innovator and provider of 3D data translation software, pioneering the concept of universal, bidirectional and robust conversion of 3D asset data between all the main CAD, DCC and VisSim file formats and programs. Okino's PolyTrans was the first to provide bidirectional animation conversion amongst all 3D animation programs & related file formats (3ds Max, Maya, Softimage|3D, Softimage|XSI, Lightwave, DirectX, U3D, Collada, FBX, BVH, VRML2/X3D, XAML-3D and more), the first to bring cost effective and fully robust CAD converters to the masses, the first to provide dedicated & native 3D converter systems for 3ds Max & Maya (well before they became popular), the first to provide complete scene content conversions with "Load & Render" capabilities, the first to provide accurate, working & guaranteed skinning + skeleton conversions (now amongst 3ds Max, Maya, XSI, Lightwave, DirectX, FBX, U3D, Collada, etc), the first to provide support for all major 3D file formats in their native forms, and the list goes on. PolyTrans, and its elder NuGraf, have affected the lives and work of a significant number of people and companies in the 3D graphics world, reducing their workload considerably (no need to recreate 3D assets from scratch), allowing companies to keep fewer but more specialized 3D artists on staff (no need to retrain them for another 3D animation package), creating bidirectional 3D pipelines where no such capability existed before, and by having Okino staff provide very personal and hands-on tech support.

About Okino Computer Graphics:
With development starting January 28th 1988, Okino Computer Graphics, Inc. is an industry leader and pioneer in the development and deployment of 3D data re-purposing software that allows professional 3D software users to intelligently and accurately convert/view/render/modify 3D data and assets between most major CAD, DCC and VisSim software packages. Okino software is used the world over by all major Fortune 1000 companies, 20 of the top 21 defense contractors, the top 15 automotive manufacturers, and ten's of thousands of production studios, 3D content creation, game development, CAD, engineering and product design companies (as broken out in the Okino customer user list at http://www.okino.com/conv/users.htm). For more information about Okino, please visit http://www.okino.com.

Okino is located in Toronto, Canada, one of the foremost centers in the world for 3D computer graphics R&D software development and production companies (past and present) such as Alias (now part of Autodesk), ATI Technologies, C.O.R.E. Digital Productions, Dome Productions, IMAX, ISG Technologies, Lightscape (now part of Autodesk), Nelvana, Neezo, Pseudo Interactive, Side Effects Software, Topix, Toybox and quite a few more!

NuGraf and PolyTrans are registered trademarks of Okino Computer Graphics, Inc. Okino is a trademark of Okino Computer Graphics, Inc. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders.


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