Body Balance for Performance San Diego Hits Big with Golf Technology

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With state-of-the-art golf fitness technology like the Body Motion System and the Dynamic Balance System, Body Balance for Performance of San Diego gains praise from golfers, golf instructors and golf centers.

With state-of-the-art golf fitness technology like the Body Motion System and the Dynamic Balance System, Body Balance for Performance of San Diego ( is able to help not only golfers, but other golf instructors and golf centers as well.

At Body Balance for Performance of San Diego, golf instructors can use the golf fitness technology to detect flaws in their swing or stance and correct them. The Dynamic Balance System monitors the golfer's weight transfer and their center of gravity's motion throughout their swing. Using the immediate feedback, golf instructors can identify and correct improper movements.

"The 3D motion and weight-transfer measuring technology that Body Balance for Performance uses gives never-before-seen data," said John Darling, director of instruction at the Maderas Golf Course in San Diego. "This data will give any golfer a better understanding of what needs to be done physically to increase the performance of their golf swing...The learning curve is drastically shortened."

Golf instructors also utilize the Body Motion System golf technology, a vest with sensors that measures power changes during a swing, and a sensor on the end of a golf club to track motion. Darling says Body Balance's golf technology makes it easier for him to train his students.

"One of the main reasons I work with Body Balance for Performance is that we both use some of the same technology," Darling said. "This allows the data I gather and the data they gather to be very consistent. This consistency gives my students confidence and allows me to bridge physical training and golf instruction."

Golf instructors aren't the only ones to benefit. Stadium Golf Center also credits their partnership with Body Balance for Performance of San Diego for enhancing their services and securing high levels of client satisfaction.

"(Body Balance for Performance of San Diego) has tremendous insight into the physical side of swinging the golf club," said Monty Leong, general manager of the Stadium Golf Center. "They share the same business philosophy and offer our guests a unique opportunity to improve their golf game using state-of-the-art technology."

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About Body Balance
Body Balance for Performance is a complete golf health and fitness training program, individually designed for golfers to feel better and play better. Body Balance works from the inside out, discovering how each person's body affects their golf swing. The Body Balance 3R Training approach (Release, Re-Educate, Rebuild) combines hands-on body work and proven customized golf-specific exercises.

Body Balance has assisted with clinical research on how proper physical conditioning improves performance and minimizes injuries among the world's elite golfers. This research led to the development of golf-specific fitness training and a therapeutic treatment program.


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