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After surviving more than his share of natural disasters and emergencies, Donald Consler has opened a new site at to assist in emergency preparedness, and provides an instructional blog at to educate the public about disaster preparation.

"Being in Florida as long as I was and going through a few hurricanes, I realized some things," says Donald Consler, explaining how he got started with his new online business, . "Most people don't gear up for a hurricane until it's at their back door. All of a sudden, they have to buy supplies -- they're gonna buy groceries, plywood, and emergency supplies, and they're competing against the whole town. I thought that if they had emergency preparedness kits from a one-stop shop, they'd be prepared ahead of time and wouldn't have to scramble at the last minute."

In essence, Consler has gone into business thinking ahead for others, creating a new web business in response to a need for security for those wishing to prepare for a natural disaster, accident, or terrorist event but not knowing how best to lay away provisions. "I thought if I started a web site that sells disaster recovery supplies, I could offer various kits that people could purchase in advance of a storm, and they could have it as a standby in case of an emergency evacuation," says Consler, who also tailors his disaster kits for specific events or numbers of people.

"One of my favorite items is the car and office basic survival kit. When you live alone and all of a sudden you have to evacuate, you can grab your one-person kit and have items for your car and for yourself," he says while illustrating a particular product which has found popularity among consumers. "It's standard for office or personal use, you can keep it in the trunk of your car… if you've got to take off, you know it's already right there with you."

Consler isn't simply providing shoppers with a new site from which to purchase these supplies, but also the education they need to properly ready themselves for an emergency. With his experience in Air Force survival and a dedication to his field, Donald Consler offers advice and recommendations on his blog, . ""If anybody wants to ask me anything in particular, I can help them out. I've been in hurricanes before, and I know what goes on in them," he volunteers, showing posts on various disaster topics that appear in his blog. "I include some materials about the world we live in, be it global warming or cognizance of terrorist attacks, and things of that nature are in the news every day. A lot of people don't even listen to the news. I talk about more than just hurricanes and tornadoes -- I address things that come up in our everyday lives."

Those expecting the ordinary from are often surprised at the variety of items available at the new store. "One thing I'm focusing on is adding things for pets," says Consler, referencing one of his more unique products. "A lot of people treat their pets like their own children, and when they evacuate they have to take their pets with them. I'm going to be offering pet emergency kits that include items for animal recreation, too. I also have a lot to say about emergency photo equipment, so if you have to evacuate you'll have pictures of everything you have to leave behind, for insurance purposes."

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