GSCSC, Inc. Introduces "How to Establish True Corporate Business Credit" E-Book

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GSCSC, Inc. Introduces "How to Establish true Corporate Business Credit" E-Book, Internet resource page, and corporate business credit programs that shows businesses how to establish true corporate business credit without using the business owner's personal credit history or Social Security number (SSN).

GSCSC, Inc. has launched a resource that shows businesses how to properly establish true corporate business credit without using the owner's Social Security number. This is one of the most important and necessary steps every business owner must take to separate their personal credit from their business credit. The information is provided inside the Building Corporate Business Credit EBook ( and also on the GSCSC, Inc. website (

"Businesses must have no less than three (3) corporate business credit cards, a bank loan, and five (5) valid trade references reporting to their corporate business credit profiles in order to build solid corporate business credit scores," says Richard Goddeau, Founder of Global Software & Computer Solutions Centers, Inc. "You can find over 500 business credit cards that claim to be true corporate business credit cards, but out of those only 42 will issue a corporate business credit card without using your Social Security number. So those other 458 so called business credit cards are credit cards with your business name on them, but they are not true corporate business credit cards because you will have to provide a PG (personal guarantee) in order to obtain them."

The most important feature of these true corporate business credit cards is that they report the business credit and payment history of the business to the Small Business Financial Exchange. This means that the business will then have a corporate business credit report or profile registered with Equifax Business that is critical to a business being able to receive bank loans for working capital, vehicle and equipment leases, other forms of business financing, and other needs in the future. Without that, the business has a higher likelihood of being declined for financing unless the business owner provides a PG (personal guarantee) or a large bond insurance fee before being granted financing.

The professional team of expert credit coaches through GSCSC, Inc. discloses all of the information about the 42 corporate business credit cards to its clients. "Our professional credit coaches let the business owner see exactly what it takes to qualify for corporate business credit, and for each corporate business credit card before they apply for it," says Goddeau. "Our professional team of expert corporate business credit coaches shows a business owner things like; they must be in business for 6 months or a year minimum before they apply for corporate business credit or corporate business credit cards, or that they must have a certain bank rating before they apply, etc."

GSCSC, Inc. helps its clients through every step and stage of building true corporate business credit. The assigned corporate business credit coach for each client lets a business owner pre-approve themselves for each form of corporate business credit and for each corporate business credit card. Both the corporate business credit coach and the client know that the client will get the credit and the credit card because they meet the guidelines for approval.

GSCSC, Inc. and its professional team of credit counselors and corporate business credit coaches also teach business owners the 26 required items every business must have in place in order to be looked at for a business loan, vehicle and equipment leases, and corporate business credit cards. The assigned corporate business credit Coach goes into great detail with the client about what it takes to obtain five (5) valid and legal vendor lines of credit, how to get listed with the three (3) most important business credit reporting agencies, and what they must do to get their first business loan from a bank.

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GSCSC, Inc. features the Internet's largest corporate business credit funding directory and vendor databases anywhere. The directory and databases contain over 6,952 various sources of business capital that business owners can search for free once they become a client, and match their capital needs to the approval criteria of those funding sources.

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