The Growing Online Audio Advertising Revolution

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"Over 25,000 website owners are already hosting audio advertisements on their blogs, websites and social network profiles. Over 15 million websites are already hosting NetAudioAds that are played to Internet listeners over 30 million times a day; this is likely to be a major force in Internet advertising."

The More Your Tell… The More You Sell..

A new, innovative on-line advertising media format has recently hit the Internet by surprise. Rivaling Google's Adsense and Adwords, NetAudioAds 'Adlets' are 5 second audio ads played the moment a visitor lands on a participating website. With over 15 million websites already hosting NetAudioAds, this is likely to be a major force in Internet advertising. Over 25,000 website owners are currently hosting NetAudioAds on their sites as a positive advertising alternative with great expectations. Adlets are now available to listeners over 30 million times a day on websites large and small, worldwide. Currently this new online advertising platform gives major advertisers the ability to reach out to Superbowl sized audiences.

NetAudioAds are five second 'radio station' style ads played automatically to people browsing the Web when they visit a participating website. These short advertisements, known as 'Adlets', allow approximately 15 spoken words or almost any highly recognizable jingle to be presented to a listener in the normal course of their browsing the Internet. They do not need to click on anything. They do not need to read anything. They just need to be on their computer with the sound turned on.

The NetAudioAds division of V2P communications currently has in excess of fifteen million (15,000,000) websites participating as publishers for Adlets. These web pages are owned and operated by the almost twenty five thousand (25,000) Web publishers who have signed up with our Pay-Per-Play program to host Adlets and participate in the revenue produced by them.

Over 200,000 new websites join the NetAudioAdsTM revolution every day and the growth is escalating at an alarming rate. This fleet of tens of millions of audio adlet powered websites produce an inventory of over one BILLION audio impressions per month, as of January 2008, and that number is growing by double digit percent per month.

Not just for major advertisers, but small niche advertisers like Joe's Pizza (fictitious example) can utilize NetAudioAds for local-areal and regional advertising too. NetAudioAds are played directly to the listener based on their geographical location.

Imagine Joe's Pizza announcing their 2 for 1 special to a single zip code. How many small businesses out there thrive on local walk-in traffic? Small businesses and medium sized companies can immediately increase their business through "micro targeted" audio ads on the Internet. While not all website visitors can be located to a city or even a single zip code, most are now able to be tied to a city or region and that number is growing every day.

Of course Joe's Pizza is a fictitious example and there are many, many other businesses out there that can benefit, especially the ones that are already advertising locally by newspaper, on television or by local radio. Targeted local-area advertising and provides quick "measurable" results. In other words, local-area advertiser can pick what type of website to be heard on, when to be heard, and where (geographically) they want be heard.

Unlike most of the Internet advertising methods available, NetAudioAds undergo the same third party audit used by the major media for over a half century in order to certify our delivery numbers. NetAudioAds has chosen BPA Worldwide as its auditing firm. Founded in 1931 by a group of advertisers, publishers and agencies, BPA Worldwide is an independent, not-for-profit, self-regulating organization governed by a tripartite Board of Directors. BPA delivers consumer and business media audits of unsurpassed rigor, objectivity, accuracy, transparency and timeliness--audits that provide solid assurance for both media owners and media buyers.

The demographic for online audio Adlets covers the entire span of the population, in every nook and cranny of the US and English speaking countries around the world. The Internet has visitors of all ages, of all races, of all financial and educational status and most important of all, Television, radio, newspaper or magazine have been loosing market penetration to the growing Internet frenzy.

NetAudioAds crawl every website in its list of publishers, prior to placing a single ad, to determine the content of Adlet best suited to the visitor based on the page content they are seeing while the Adlet is playing. In addition, the suitability of the site for Adlet presence and decline ads to websites contain content that flows against public morality, utilizing rules similar to those used in Radio and Television.

NetAudioAds claims to sets their pricing standard based on verifiable delivery and penetration results from major accredited third party auditing companies.

NetAudioAds has gained national media attention from national mass-market advertisers and the Wall Street Investment Community. NetAudioAds was recently discussed in the Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal noticed a large wake of activity and the revenue generating potential in the Internet online community.

This year election year, NetAudioAds have also gained attention of the 2008 presidential campaigners. PPP has grown enough to gain the attention of our candidates running for President of the United States (among many other political campaigns), and political ads are scheduled run on participating websites across the Internet.

Expected with all new innovations, you see both positive and negative controversial comments. Most of the nay sayers do not fully understand the Pay-Per-Play Internet audio advertising network system and make attacks without providing verifiable evidence. They attack and criticize based on opinions without any substance or facts.

The most common comment that the nay sayers make is that audio ads will drive visitors away from a website. NetAudioAds has conducted studies that show otherwise and thus is the foundation for the entire PPP movement. There is no evidence that supports the "assumption" that 5-second audio ads will drive people away. Nevertheless, it is a proven fact that websites with audio and videos tend to produce significantly better sales results, than silent websites. Perhaps there may be is some truth in the words, "The More Your Tell… The More You Sell.."

On a special note, NetAudioAds as a public service will be cooperating with authorities in various countries to announce Amber Alerts, tornado warnings (in specific geographic locations) and other "public service" Emergency Alert announcements that are important to the well being of our societies. NetAudioAds participating audio advertisement distributors can feel good knowing that on occasion, they will be contributing to the well-being and safety of friends and families in communities around the world.

With the massive reach established by the NetAudioAds Network of tens of millions of Website pages, online audio advertising is certain to become a staple in any advertising campaign, especially ones that target the ever-growing Internet population. Whether you are promoting, marketing, branding or selling; this kind of mass exposure potential should be seriously considered.

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