Unique and Romantic Gifts from Enduring Rose

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Worried about finding the right gift for your wife or girlfriend? Here are some don'ts, as well as some unique gift ideas you've probably never seen or heard of before.

You're in love and want an idea for a romantic Valentine gift to make your wife or girlfriend light up. Here are the major Valentine "DON'TS." No kitchen or home décor items. They are not romantic and send a few wrong messages: she should work harder in the home, or the house needs improvements. Clothing won't do either because if the size is too large she'll assume she's perceived heavy - too small there will be disappointment it can't be worn or has to be exchanged, not to mention possible style violations!

So what are foolproof unique and romantic gift ideas? Women love roses and yellow or white gold jewelry. Gold jewelry and roses are personal and elevating to a woman. They tell the wife or girlfriend he wants her to receive NOT a useful, functional, or practical gift, but rather a gift that is romantic and causes her to feel important, thought of, and valued. So, get rid of the gadget or sweater gift ideas. Give a romantic gift of roses or jewelry! Increase your wife or girlfriend's self worth by choosing the appropriate valentines gift.

The symbolic rose creates such an impact on women, but withers and dries to an un-beautiful condition. Enduring Rose took the rose, dipped it in white or yellow 24k gold, the precious metal of jewelry, and made it enduring. The romantic dipped gold rose, covered in white gold or yellow gold, preserves the beauty and symbolism forever! We select 24k gold to plate the rose when at the most attractive stage so the message of the rose remains bright and fresh indefinitely!

Though romantic gold dipped roses are popular items, singly or as a bouquet, we also carry gold dipped colored roses as single roses or as rose bouquets that are ideal gift ideas for the appreciated wife or girlfriend. A red gold dipped rose is the ultimate unique valentine gift, especially when a vase is included!

Choosing a rose vase for a wife or girlfriend's gold dipped rose or rose bouquet is a way to give attention to the important details. A gold dipped rose without a vase is like a newspaper missing the sports section, or a hamburger with no bun. It's not as complete or satisfying.

Women's jewelry is also available at Enduring Rose. Lots of romantic white gold jewelry for women that wows and woos! Browse the selection of white gold necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that were created for discriminating women. A new line of women's charm bracelets boasts 37 romantic white gold charms to choose from. A gold charm gift will say it powerfully!

The yellow gold and white gold roses, and the colored dipped roses, are unique in their symbolism. Read about the meaning of the various colored roses to find the one that suits your need. Gold dipped roses, colored roses, bouquets, gold jewelry or charm bracelets from Enduring Rose are the unique and romantic Valentine's Day gifts to give for the important wife or girlfriend.


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