Is Britain a Nation of Moaners not Doers?

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A recent UK survey of 7000 people revealed a nation of unhappy workers. But, rather than moan about it, wealth coaching company The Money Gym suggests getting off your assets and doing something about it.

Seven thousand people took part in GMTV's online Dream Jobs survey. The results, broadcast on 28th January 2008, reveal a nation of unhappy workers.

  • Nearly half dread going to work with only a third actually enjoying their job.
  • Over half felt stuck in a rut and only 6% of respondents always felt appreciated and valued in the workplace.
  • Many said that they had not had a pay rise for years. This, combined with rising levels of debt, and the fact that many young people feel that they can't afford the deposit for their first home, is making for a lot of unhappiness in the UK, around work and money.

In contrast, encourages people to look at things differently, and start taking responsibility for their own work happiness and finances:

  • The Money Gym encourages clients to take responsibility for their happiness in their current job. When they took that job, they entered into an agreement: a certain amount of money for a certain number of duties, carried out well. Instead of moaning, clients are encouraged to think like an employer, and find out what they need and start giving it to them -- even over-performing if possible. And do that cheerfully and willingly. Not only does everyone enjoy their day more, but they are much more likely to get a promotion and raised pay.
  • Clients have to take responsibility for their financial situation because nobody cares as much about their money. Nobody else got them into debt, and, unless they have family that can help them out, nobody is going to give them a deposit for a first home.
  • Anyone who doesn't earn enough from their job yet to pay off debts or save for a deposit, faces a glaringly obvious answer. They have to earn more. Improve prospects in a current position or think about a second job, or even starting a business. Money Gym founder Nicola Cairncross says "I always say that the only difference between a rich person and a poor person is what they do in their spare time and it's true. People who take responsibility for their own financial situation turn the TV off, and either learn new skills or work in their spare time."
  • One example of a way to earn extra income is the Internet, which offers the opportunity to sell other peoples products or services for a commission. Selling The Money Gym's ebook from a simple website could earn £12.50 per sale. Sell one a day and that's an extra £4562 a year. Sell two ebooks a day and that's an extra £9125 a year. Two years to a deposit?
  • Combine this with learning about how to find a property "under market value" and how to finance that more creatively than the usual high street mortgage offers, and anyone can be in their own home very shortly.
  • At the end of the day, it's up to the individual. Get off your assets, and take some action. Because if you don't, nothing will change.

The Money Gym has helped hundreds of people along the road to financial independence (and created some millionaires along the way). It is a powerful programme that teaches participants a solid and proven way of creating wealth, with a choice of ways to suit your personality. These could be a choice of, or a combination of high risk, high return investment, solid bricks and mortar, or building a business that you can sell or use to set you up for life.    

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