Antennas Direct® Introduces New CLEARSTREAM2™ Outdoor Long-Range Digital TV Antenna

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Thefirst in a series of compact highly efficient antennas designed and optimized for 2009 digital TV frequencies.

Antennas Direct announced today the introduction of the ClearStream™ series of HDTV antennas, starting with the ClearSteam2, their newest antenna design. ClearStream antennas represent a new breakthrough in size and unmatched ultra efficient design and directionality. Advanced computer software allow these 10" by 20" antennas to be smaller than ever thought possible.

They are powerful across the entire DTV spectrum offering consistent high gain. This advancement in antenna efficiency allows up to 98% of the available broadcast signal to actually reach the incoming antenna cable rather than being lost to impedance mismatches. With other compact antennas, as little as 10% of the signal may actually reach the tuner. The ClearStream2 Dual Loop design receives all UHF channels available and higher level VHF frequencies with a range of about 55 miles. They are engineered for extra strength and durability, using anodized aluminum for corrosion resistance and are easy to assemble.

And if that's not enough, the ClearStream2 delivers TV signals from widely located (spaced) broadcast towers. Normally, when TV towers are spaced more than 30 degrees apart, looking from a viewer's home, an antenna rotor is recommended. This new antenna has an extremely wide 90 degree beamwidth pattern (front signal searching area). Working with the newest generation 4 and 5 ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) chip sets incorporated in newer digital and HDTV tuners, that mitigate multi-path (bounced signals that confuse the tuner), the ClearStream2 delivers digitally perfect multiple station signals. Orders are being taken now for these antennas, due to be available later in early March, with a mid-range and ultra long-range design in this series to follow shortly thereafter.

Richard Schneider, President of Antennas Direct, said "We've found ourselves right in the middle of a thriving resurgence of Over-The-Air (OTA) antennas. Our business is doubling about every 180 days. And HDTV sales have had a great deal to do with our sales increases, along with our 90 day "No Fault" guarantee. If our antenna doesn't do for you what we say it will, send it back and get a refund." And how hot is HD? High Definition Televisions bumped digital cameras out of the top spot for the most desired CE product for 2007.

The benefits of Off-Air antennas are compelling. There is only so much room on cable or satellite bandwidth in which to squeeze signal, so data is compressed to fit, resulting in a somewhat "soft" picture. An OTA signal is the gold standard in digital reception because it's almost completely uncompressed and also FREE. Local digital TV broadcasts are everywhere. But bandwidth limitations mean that cable and satellite providers may not carry all local channels in many areas, or may not offer all of them in high definition. Contract disagreements between local cable operators and local broadcasters can mean that major networks may not be available in several areas. DISH Network® offers local HD coverage to about 47 percent of U.S. markets, while DIRECTV® reaches about 65 percent, but for an additional monthly fee.

"What about those other millions of viewers who want to see their favorite local shows and in HD" asks Schneider? "The answer is to add an OTA antenna to other signal reception sources". This not only gives a viewer the ability to receive all their local stations, but, with the right Digital antenna and location, some viewers may even be able to receive out-of-town channels, which may carry blacked out sports programs or network broadcasts not available in their home town. As an added benefit, an OTA antenna provides back-up reception options for local cable or satellite signal loss due to equipment failure or rain, snow and ice fade and to smaller TVs and second sets in homes not wired for whole-house signal distribution.

If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Richard Schneider, please call Scott Kolbe at 636-379-3895 ext 13 or send an email to

About Antennas Direct:
Antennas Direct is a St. Louis based manufacturer and distributor of Over-The-Air antennas. The company was founded by Richard Schneider in 2003, and has since been widely recognized for superior product design and performance by a number of industry publications and main stream media outlets. Having invested major resources into the discovery and implementation of the first new technological advances in television antenna design in decades, Antennas Direct launched its unique new Digital brand of OTA antennas in 2006.

The Digital lines of OTA antennas are designed to tune to the frequencies where most DTV broadcasts occur, doing a better job of rejecting interference (Multi-path). The results of the new designs have allowed them to produce smaller, more powerful antennas that combine optimized performance with a streamlined appearance, providing the best of both worlds. They continue to constantly test and modify antenna designs, raising the bar by which antenna performance and appearance are measured. For additional information on Antennas Direct, visit


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