Gangsta Epic Prepares for Major Distribution

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Cinema Lexzikon signs with York Entertainment for distribution of Code Black.

Cinema Lexzikon, LLC, a Columbus based independent film company has announced that it has reached a deal for the world wide distribution of its feature film, Code Black, with York Entertainment of Los Angeles, California.

Filmed entirely in Columbus, Ohio by African-American filmmaker, William Lee, Code Black is more than an ordinary urban gang film. While the film begins with scenes typical of an inner city drama, the cinematic vision of its director causes the story to take a sudden, sharp left turn into uncharted cinematic territory for the gangsta movie genre. The result is a spine jarring, thought provoking, film that stands out from the pack.

The story concerns Maketti Riggs (played by Sylvester Person) a hardened street thug, who is in direct competition with his mentor Antonio Remy (William Lee). As the film starts, a bloody turf war is taking place between two ideologies of the hood: the twentieth first century hip hop "gangsta", versus the "O.G." or "Old gangster" mentality. It's young blood against the old school. Just as viewers settle into the notion that this is another "gang-banger's delight", Code Black jolts the audience with a controversial plot line: What if the government came up with a genocide strategy to end all drug gangs, and then "dispose" of the remnants? A really good film plot or possibly the future of the urban population of this country?

Code Black maintains all the familiar high-action, fist flying, feet kicking, excessive gunplay of a William Lee film, but underlying all the "show" is a film with substance. As Lee comments, "While I don't want Code Black to be heavy handed, brow beating bulls@!**, I do want people of all ethnicities to come away with more than just a 'good time at the movies'. When Code Black hits the streets, I want people to think to themselves 'Is this really going to happen?' In short, I want people to enjoy the film, but carry some of what they have seen into their lives. I'm hoping it will succeed on both levels."

York Entertainment is one of the biggest video distributors in the world distributing film to every major DVD retailer, including Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, Wal Mart, Virgin record Stores, Tower Records, Columbia House DVD club as well as cable, TV and other ancillary markets internationally. The world wide DVD release for Code Black is April 22, 2008. For more information, and to view the film's trailer, visit the website:


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