Moms and Dads of Orange County and Film/TV Industry Producers Support Hillary Clinton - Orange County, CA Going Democratic - New Students of IC Talent Inc. Allowed to Contribute to Senator Clinton's Campaign

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To celebrate all the years that its owner Helen Nadel has been a proud American citizen and a successful business owner, IC Talent Inc. will send ten percent of California residents' tuition to Senator Clinton's campaign in the general election for all new students who come in with a copy of this release.

The owner of IC Talent Inc., a licensed acting school in the State of California, Helen Nadel, is an American citizen from France. "Our institution and its staff are concerned about our economy," she declares, which, "is simply going down the drain."

Helen, some concerned employees of IC Talent Inc Inc. and parents of students and graduates have been studying the primaries, scrutinizing our different options. "The only candidate with the experience, the strength, the knowledge, the best health plan, a proven record for innovative concepts to bring change to the country's economical and general issues is Hillary Clinton," claims Helen. She feels that Hillary Clinton is the one who can win against the Republicans in November, while successfully crossing over party lines.

To celebrate all the years that its owner Helen Nadel has been a proud American citizen and a successful business owner, IC Talent Inc. will send ten percent of California residents' tuition to Senator Clinton's campaign in the general election for all new students who come in with a copy of this release. "The funds will go to Senator Clinton's campaign against the Republican nominee in the general election! The fund raising event will start now and end after the November election," says Helen.

"Again, 10% of a California resident's tuition will go to Senator Clinton's campaign in the general election for all new students who come in with a copy of this release. Our institution, employees, teachers, graduates, families, have no other purpose here, but to express its owner's concerns as well as our families' hopes as American citizens."

When IC Talent's owner went to Paris, France in December to visit her family, she found out that her dollar was worth 60 cents. Helen expresses with regret that The United States of America is seen in Europe as a fallen nation with poor leadership. "We are considered as a people, led by an ineffective, blindly conservative administration unable to make the right, intelligent decisions," she says. "Now our school's concern is that the White House could remain in the hands of the same people who have orchestrated our very economical and international downfall. The ICA Institution believes that Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who can defeat the Republicans in November 2008. As much as I like Senator Obama, his charisma and his ability to speak, I feel that the Republican nominee will have too easy a job speaking of the Junior Senator's experience and therefore, his very ability to lead the country." Helen Nadel, would love to vote for Obama but she indicated that she would only do so in eight years from November 08.

Helen gave me this pamphlet that she will be distributing to new students coming in with this ad to receive the contributing discount, expressing why she is starting the fund raising campaign.

This note is from the school owner Helen Nadel, please contact Helen or anyone at IC Talent for questions about the fund raising:

The Facts:
During one of the Democratic debates, Senator Clinton said, pertaining to The Bush administration's failure to capture Bin Laden and the rest of the Talibans, "We let the Talibans escape from Afghanistan..." I observed Senator Obama's reaction to what Clinton was saying as he pretty much drew a blank. Indeed, the American "allies" in Northern Afghanistan, the Moudjahidins, were retained by America to attack the Talibans on the ground, while the Americans only struck by plane. Then the Moudjahidins got paid in turn by the Taliban to let them, including Bin laden escape to Pakistan. They fled on the back of motorcycles. So the Americans made a major mistake under the Bush administration, as the 10th division was camping in the mountains in Uzbekistan says Nadel.

The 10th. Division could have cornered out Tora Bora. The Pentagon instead retained the Moudjhahins. Bin Laden and his men bought them up and escaped to southern Afghanistan and the tribal zones of Pakistan which became a sanctuary for the Taliban. Pakistan is the only Muslim country with nuclear power. The Bush administration was too busy preparing the invasion of Iraq at the time.

Out of the three democratic candidates still running, Hillary Clinton seemed to be the only one to know what really happened in Afghanistan. Nadel strongly believes that Senator Clinton, when she is President of The United States, will bring our troops home in the safest, most effective way.

Health Plan:
Senator's Clinton's health plan is by far more thorough and the most effective. Her plan would include absolutely each and every citizen, Senator Obama's would not.

The Environment:
Her excellent plan to save the environment would allow for the effects of global warming to be reduced sufficiently to allow for our children and the future generations to enjoy a clean future, free of foreign oil and promoting numerous new green jobs.

The Economy:
As far as the economy, there is a simple thing to understand: When President Clinton was in the White House, our economy was 2.2 billion in surplus. The Bush administration, whose policies are exactly the same as much of the current Republican candidates, got us very close to a recession and trillions and trillions of dollars in deficit.
Nadel also truly believes that Hillary Clinton stands on her own as a powerful, leader. Senator Clinton has proven debate after debate that she is the rock that our nation needs. She has been warning the Bush administration about the Real estate slump for months and lobbying for some action to be taken way before the slow, ineffectively moving Bush machine looked into doing anything at all, and only too late."

That is why, Helen told me: "A lot of us at IC Talent Inc. will vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday."

Helen Nadel is also a film producer and a screenwriter. She also works with children on a daily basis, as she owns the IC Talent licensed acting school in the State of California. "I care tremendously about the young lives, young talent, their willingness to learn and grow," says Helen.

"So for the children and the future of our country, I will vote for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. A lot of us here at our school have dreams of a 'Clinton-Obama' ticket, actually, which would insure the presidency to the democratic party in November." She added: "Heck, nobody listened to the French when they declined taking any part in the invasion of Iraq, well maybe you should listen to the French now!"

"Look, she said, as far as the general election is concerned, the Republican contender has a very well known history of bad temper, explosive anger. Do we want the war to last for a hundred years? Do we want our country totally bankrupt? Do we want that finger on the red button?"

Southern California residents can contact IC Talent Inc. on the 949 273 8800 and make an appointment to bring their children or themselves to a free evaluation.


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