TrustDefender's Kernel Forensics Engine Detects and Protects in the Fight Against the Noxious Silentbanker Trojan and MBR Virus

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The power of the TrustDefender forensics engine.

The team at leading Australian online security company, TrustDefender, have their armour on and have announced the capability to detect, protect and secure financial institution customers against the devastating Trojan. Silentbanker and the Trojan.Mebroot (or MBR virus). These Trojans have the ability to steal countless millions from consumer's bank accounts and cause havoc among financial institutions around the globe, as recently highlighted in the media by Symantec a few weeks ago.

ZDnet Australia reported on January 17, 2008, that the Silentbanker, which can operate in a number of different languages - "is targeting the customers of 400 banks around the world, including banks from Turkey, the US, Europe and several banks in Australia."

Canadian newspaper, the Times Colonist has also reported that a number of banks in Canada have been targeted by the virus.

"The TrustDefender Kernel Forensics Engine which has been incorporated into both our Enterprise Server and consumer focused TrustDefender Gold Edition security solutions, has undergone extensive testing and is able to detect, secure and protect online transactions against Trojans like the Silentbanker or MBR Virus which are almost completely undetectable by many of the anti-fraud and anti-virus solutions on the market today. We are now seeing the cyber criminals step up the pressure on consumers and financial institutions right around the world by developing sophisticated capabilities to remain undetected whilst intercepting valid e-banking transactions that use real-time two-factor security authentication, thus potentially accessing your banking information and funds.," commented Ted Egan, CEO of TrustDefender.

"The Silentbanker Trojan, which is beginning to generate cyber attacks all around the world, aims to enable hackers to get between the computer user and their financial institutions website undetected and manage the customer's otherwise legitimate online banking activity - even where the financial institution has deployed multi factor or two-factor security solutions - so the cyber thieves are basically enabling themselves to do whatever they want with the customer's bank account and their money," he added.

"The fact that all Silentbanker generated transactions are seen as legitimate and there may be no immediate detection by either the bank or the consumer that the Trojan is carrying out this form of criminal activity makes this a very serious and sophisticated online security threat. However, we believe that as financial institutions worldwide take a proactive stance and rollout TrustDefender thereby complementing their existing online transaction security initiatives, this level of sophisticated cybercrime activity can be effectively combated and we can build greater confidence among their overall online customer base." Mr Egan urged.

In support of these statements, TrustDefender Labs has released a new industry report, entitled 'The Power of TrustDefender Kernel Forensics Engine - Dealing with Today's Silentbanker Trojan and Stealthy MBR Virus'.

The paper looks at what TrustDefender's online security experts note as the two most recent and most horrifying pieces of crimeware circulating today - the Silentbanker Trojan and Mebroot Trojan or MBR (Master Boot Record) Virus. The report looks at how they hide and demonstrates how TrustDefender's technology detects, secures and protects online users against both … and countless other risks that potentially exist in the online world.

TrustDefender Labs has created a series of screen capture movies which clearly demonstrate how the TrustDefender security solution will detect, secure and protects online users against noxious and devastating online threats that seek to invisibly hijack the transactions of customers of financial institutions worldwide.

TrustDefender security solutions are independent of all browsers, complementing the customer's existing security solutions and protect the windows platforms, including Vista, which will provide all windows users with the highest level of online security protection.

TrustDefender performs a security health check on the consumer's PC or mobile computing device during the click through period to the login page. This security health check can identify any unknown crimeware that may exist on the consumer's machine which has not otherwise been identified by their firewall or antivirus software before the consumer logs into any online website and enters his / her password, security token keys and other ID protocol.

TrustDefender also applies specific security policies and rules - set by the financial institution or bank - prior to login, thereby ensuring that any online transactions the consumer conducts won't fall prey to an online fraudster or identity thieves - and the consumer has peace of mind that their confidential information is secure before and during the period of their transaction.

Additionally, the robust and aggressive forensics applied to TrustDefender gives the system the unique capability to detect silent trojans even if they are hidden deep inside the kernel of the computer or had previously been hidden prior to the operating system boot up stage.

In short, the detailed forensics and intelligence of the TrustDefender system make it the only solution capable of truly 'protecting' consumers and banks, financial institutions, eGovernment and online merchants against undetectable and harmful crimeware like the Silentbanker Trojan and Mebroot Trojan or MBR Virus.

See TrustDefender in action for yourself.

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About TrustDefender:
TrustDefender is the leading provider of 'On Demand Endpoint Security Solutions' to safeguard online business transactions. With its GAP protection, TrustDefender is able to guarantee the authenticity of a website. The Kernel Forensics Engine, secure lockdown, safe & secure mode, two factor authentication and the TrustedSurfing database complete the holistic security solution.

The secure policy engine allows online businesses to complement existing security solutions deployed, educate and enforce the compliance of a home user's PC to their security policies. TrustDefender is the world's first security solution which enables online businesses to integrate the home user's PC into the overall security solution. TrustDefender was founded in 2005 and is based in Sydney, Australia.


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