Aerial Advertising to Delight Spring Break Revelers Again in 2008

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Arnold Aerial Advertising to fly in many Spring break locations

Rarely do people on the beach take a moment to look at the sky, but they will this Spring Break when Arnold Aerial Advertising soars over the beaches once again.

Michael Arnold, of Arnold Aerial Advertising, says people remember the advertising they see in the air much longer than they do other kinds of advertising.

"Think about it for a minute. Do you remember the last time you saw a plane pulling an ad for something? Do you remember the full color billboard or the letter banner that flew over you?" he asks.

Then, Arnold says, "Think about other ads you would have seen around that same time. Maybe it's a magazine ad, or a television commercial. Which ad do you remember the most -- the aerial ad or the more commonplace ad?"

People retain the aerial ads longer, Arnold says. "We find that people remember the aerial advertising messages much longer than they do any other forms of advertising. People often have trouble recalling any other ads they've seen, but they almost always remember an ad being pulled by a plane."

In fact, a 2004 Miami Beach survey of 2,194 beachgoers backed this up. It found that:

88% of the people questioned remembered that a banner passed over within the past 30 minutes.

79% of the people questioned remembered what was being advertised on the banner.

And (perhaps best of all for advertisers), 67% of those questioned could remember at least half of the message.

These are impressive statistics, especially when this interesting fact emerges: Many people can recall aerial advertising they saw many months ago. In fact, some people remember ads they saw as children and they can still recall the message, or at least parts of it.

One major advantage to advertisers is how much attention people really pay to aerial advertising, since most people will watch the plane when it comes into view and continue looking at the banner until it falls from sight. In that time, they are actively retaining the information on the banner.

When a plane circles over a particular area, the retention rate is even greater, as people will watch the plane circle and pass until it leaves the area.

"We suggest advertisers give this form of advertising a chance over the upcoming Spring Break," Arnold said.

It's important to remember that many college students travel over Spring Break and most have money to spend.

The book "Marketing to the Campus Crowd" and Twentysomethign, Inc., in fact, has tracked some of these spring break facts and found that in 2003, $1 billion was spent by Spring Break partiers between Texas and Florida.

They also found that the top four Spring Break locations are:

    Panama City Beach, Fla.

    Daytona Beach, Fla.

    South Padre Island, Texas

    Lake Havasu, Ariz.

(Combined, more than 1 million students will visit these cities over Spring Break. 540,000 students alone went to Panama City Beach in 2005.)

Spring Breakers in Panama Beach City spent $170 million in 2005.

Advertisers wanting to get a share of that money are well advised to consider interesting and unique forms of advertising and it's best if it's targeted where the spenders are found (in this case, the beach).

Arnold Aerial Advertising provides service in the following areas:

    Panama City, Fl.

    Daytona Beach, Fl.

    South Padre Island, Texas

    Lake Havasu, Az.

    Key West, Fl.

    South Beach, Miami Beach, Fl.

    San Diego, Ca.

    Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

For more information about aerial advertising, contact Michael Arnold of Arnold Aerial Advertising:

Arnold Aerial Advertising, Inc.
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