ALLMAX Nutrition Releases the World's First 5-Stage Male Testosterone Optimizer: TESTOFX Hardcore

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Allmax Nutrition announced today the release of a cutting-edge testosterone optimizer called TestoFX Hardcore. TestoFX Hardcore is the world's first Hardcore 5-stage male Testosterone optimizer. With TestoFX Hardcore you can experience true Testosterone optimization.

Allmax Nutrition announces the release of their Testosterone Optimizer called TestoFX Hardcore. This powerful testosterone optimizer represents the most significant development in testosterone boosters on the market.

According to Jason Bell, Director of Marketing at Allmax Nutrition, "There was a real gap in the market when it came to testosterone boosters," explained Mr. Bell. "TestoFX Hardcore is unique in the marketplace; it uses a 5-Stage approach to optimize the natural production of testosterone and set up a pro-testosterone environment to maximize effectiveness. It also controls the key factors that normally block and reduce the maximum expression and effectiveness of testosterone in the body."

In our fast paced society, stress is an inevitable part of our lives. Increases in stress can lead to increases in cortisol levels that when in excess, can compromise active free testosterone in the body. To counteract this, TestoFX Hardcore contains a proprietary complex called Cortistrate II which has been found to be effective in reducing serum cortisol levels by an average of 26% over an 8-week cycle. This promotes a positive testosterone environment for increased muscle growth and strength.

"What really sets TestoFX's formula apart from any other formulation on the market" explains Research Manager of New Product Development, Michael Sedlak, "is TestoFX's ability to increase biologically active free testosterone levels while reducing known natural barriers to testosterone."

Mr. Sedlak went on to elaborate that the human clinical trials conducted on the key ingredients in the TestoFX formula resulted in a 98.81 percent increase in free, unbound, biologically active testosterone. He further pointed out that this percentage is important to note as it is not just the percentage for a couple of extreme cases but the average increase of testosterone for participants in the research study. According to Mr. Sedlak, TestoFX includes the exact amount of the active ingredient in the research study shown to effectively increase free testosterone levels.

This 5-Stage approach to Testosterone optimization in TestoFX's revolutionary formula consists of the following important steps: 1 - cortisol levels are reduced by 26%; 2 - active, free, unbound testosterone levels are increased; 3 - testosterone receptor affinity is increased; 4 - reduction of estrogen by blocking and reducing conversion; and 5 - reduction in conversion from testosterone to DHT (dihydroxytestosterone).

Team Allmax athlete, person trainer and Natural Pro Bodybuilder Andre Rzazewski can attest to TestoFX's remarkable formula. A self-proclaimed supplement skeptic, Andre admitted to being initially apprehensive about using any new supplement but was truly impressed with the results. When asked to provide his thoughts on TestoFX, Andre said, "TestoFX™ delivered in a big way! My workouts have been far more intense and I've felt extremely strong - even through the end of some monstrous sets. I've started to see some serious improvement in muscle thickness, density and striations."

Testosterone is responsible for every aspect of being male. Active, free testosterone is critically important for the effects you see and feel. TestoFX™ Hardcore has provided patented and scientifically studied ingredients that work together, hand-in-glove to elevate the levels of active, free testosterone that creates the powerful effects you can feel immediately, from the very first dose.

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