Congress Economic Aid Plan Puts Americans on Welfare

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As Congress sadly adds another $168 Billion to the national deficit in the form of an emergency economic aid plan that will serve as little more than a Band-Aid remedy; smart investors are moving away from the faltering US Dollar and investing in Gold.

The emergency economic aid plan passed by Congress on Thursday will see Americans receiving a rebate of $600 to $1200 for most taxpayers and $300 for disable veterans and senior citizens. This plan, which will add another $168 Billion to the national deficit over two years, is supposed to stave off a national recession and encourage consumer spending. With this 'too little too late' effort, the plan will only serve to further dilute the money supply and effectively puts all Americans on welfare.

Debt, instability and spending are what put the country in the current precarious position and Congress is incorrect in assuming that adding to the debt load of an ailing nation will solve the problem. Americans truly need to look for a silver lining and a pot of gold to steady their financial future.

With the expectations of continued economic blues on the US horizon, the price of Gold hit historic records several days in a row this past week, and Silver rose to a 27-year peak. Gold and silver are the only currencies not created and controlled by governments. All of today's monetary currencies, including the US Dollar are fiat currencies, and literally do not have any tangible value without government decree.

For thousands of years, Gold has been a debt free haven for savvy investors, especially in times of economic vulnerability. All governments and banks hold physical gold in order to limit their exposure from loss in paper assets. America is in financial crisis, and teetering on the edge of national recession. A few hundred dollars from the government is not going to make a difference, but investing in gold can. Individual investors should consider using a strategy similar to governments and banks, in order to protect their investment portfolios. Gold is the rock-solid base of a competently balanced portfolio and is one of the truly debt-free investment options available to Americans today. John Halloran, Senior Gold Specialist with Certified Gold Exchange warns: "In a year with fiscal irresponsible politicians vying for power, each of us could easily lose 20% of spending ability due to a watered down debt ridden dollar. It is important for all responsible Americans to take action on their own behalf to make certain that necessities are met in the event of a financial meltdown."

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