Website Compares How Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Fare In General Election Matchups Against John McCain

Share Article offers users the opportunity to run the general election in a virtual simulation between democratic and republican candidates.

After Super Tuesday, it was clear that the Senator from Arizona, John McCain, would capture the Republican nomination. He has shown to be the most electable and the most popular Republican candidate out of the field as seen in But, how would he fare against either Democratic nominee? The web site offers users the opportunity to run the general election in a virtual simulation.

In a user-friendly environment, the 'matchup' simulation can be found on the home page of the web site as a drop down menu. Users select a candidate from the 'left' side and another candidate from the 'right' side. For example, if the user decided to run a Hillary Clinton versus John McCain simulation, the simulator will calculate the approximate amount of electoral votes each candidate would win in the general election. In the example, Senator Clinton would win approximately 266 electoral votes while her rival John McCain would win around 256 electoral votes (a president needs to win 270 electoral votes to win the presidency). The results also shows resources form other polling sites, such as to inform the astute reader.

These data are based on several state polls collected by and conveniently arranged in a friendly, user-friendly table. The results will also show a state-by-state breakdown of how each candidate would fare. In the above example, Senator Clinton would overwhelmingly win the biggest prize of the elections (the state of California) by a commanding margin. According to the data presented by the web site , Senator Clinton would win the state of California based on polls showing that 52.6% of the voting population would choose her over Senator McCain (who only garnered 37.1% of support).

Finally, the 'matchup' simulator found on the website also features a month-by-month analysis of how popular the two selected candidates really are. In the above example, although Senator Clinton won the majority of the electoral votes, she only accounted for 45.3% of the votes, while Senator McCain won 46.0% of the votes

In all, is a great resource to find the latest and most informative polls available on the World Wide Web.


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