OGM Announces New LED TriAnchor MX and MX-Ultra Navigation Lights

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Orca Green Marine continues its innovation with a fully featured 10-28VDC Tricolor/Anchor combination light that draws a mere 0.38amps at 12V

Orca Green Marine Technology Corporation (OGM) today announces the arrival of the latest in its growing line of innovative LED Marine Lighting. With the introduction of its new TriAnchor MX(TM) and TriAnchor MX-Ultra(TM), OGM now offers a full line of LED navigation lights for both 12 or 24V systems. The Orca Green LED TriAnchor MX light's wide voltage range of 10VDC up to 28VDC allows the same light to be used easily for 12V or 24V systems, giving boatbuilders and boatyards more flexibility when upgrading their customers' old incandescent lighting to the new energy efficient, environmentally friendly LED lighting.

"Orca Green's products have all been designed based on customer input and the feedback we receive directly from those in the field," said Hobie Caldwell, OGM's co-founder and CEO. "A 24V version of our popular TriAnchor light has been frequently requested by a growing number of customers and we've listened to them for the design of this light. The new MX Series utilizes the design strength of the popular TriAnchor (LX version) light that we introduced back in 2004, but enhances it with some really nifty new features as well."

One of most recent customer-driven enhancements is to add on-board RF inhibitors to ensure that OGM's light will continue to work without interference as newer more sensitive electronics are added to a boat's growing array of navigational aids. "As electronic equipment onboard boats continue to become more sophisticated, it's important that we all "play well together," says Caldwell. "We've found recently that a very few of our customers were experiencing some RF issues with their more sensitive radios, so we've proactively opted to go back into our circuitry and ensure we are making our light as RF-proof as we can. As technology continues to advance in both radios and LED lighting, we encourage cooperation between our two markets to ensure a positive customer experience. We look forward to working with some of the top radio manufacturers to provide joint enhancements for future development."

OGM's MX Series also incorporates some new and exciting features inherently missing from today's growing array of LED products available to boaters. OGM's innovative Auto On/Off Photodiode feature now also includes a Power-On Self-test to allow users to test it's functionality even in broad daylight. By turning the Anchor power on, the light will show two brief blinks before going into "Auto Mode." The MX-Ultra's Strobe function is armed with a new SOS Emergency signaling capability flashing Morse Code "SOS" in an emergency as part of its enhanced functionality.

Designed using the same rugged construction as OGM's TriAnchor LX series, the OGM TriAnchor MX light uses sealed rubber gaskets for complete waterproof protection and a rugged hard-anodized aluminum housing with UV-stabilized acrylic lens to add to its overall well-built construction and to ensure years of life in the harsh marine environment. Measuring a mere 2.8 inches in height and weighing only 10 oz, this new low profile light is easily mounted on most vessels. As with all of Orca Green's LED lights, the TriAnchor MX light incorporates the latest in LED technology using a single hi-powered Lumiled Luxeon LED with the exacting chromaticity to achieve a consistent 2-mile visibility and exceeds USCG (IMO) regulations for sailboats up to 65ft.
OGM is currently taking orders of the new TriAnchor MX light from OEMs and resellers and will have volume production available in April 2007.

Orca Green's LED 2nm TriAnchor MX light retails for $589.00 USD and TriAnchor MX-Ultra for $669.00 USD.

About OGM (http://www.orcagreen.com)
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, OGM designs and markets LED Navigation lights for power and sailboats in its vision of bringing emerging and environmentally conscious technologies to the marine market. OGM's line of products brings this new technology to the boater, addressing their biggest issues of power consumption and reliability. The company is the leader of LED technology in the marine market with innovative, reliable products based on customer input. Products are currently available online at OGM's website, http://www.orcagreen.com, and at a growing number of channel partners worldwide. For a complete list of dealers, visit http://www.orcagreen.com


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