Announces Natural Weight Loss Program to Lose Weight While Protecting Against Chemicals and Toxins in Foods

Share Article today announced new weight loss diet program as viable alternative for eliminating dietary chemicals and toxins known to cause weight gain and sickness.

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RSS today announced a new weight loss diet program. The new program is a viable alternative for eliminating dietary chemicals and toxins known to cause weight gain and sickness in many people.

According to numerous health reports, people are becoming fatter and sicker. Is it possible that many so called "healthy" foods and diets today are actually contributing to the current epidemic of obesity, stubborn fat, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, PMS disorders, impotence and other metabolic disorders?

"Yes," says Rick Osborn, co-writer of the Anti-Estrogenic Diet and marketing director for "Our company, has uncovered the truth and offers a real, natural dietary program to promote not only weight loss, but a viable solution for optimum health for a lifetime. This weight loss program turns other typical diet programs on their ear."

On a daily basis, most are burdened with making wise decisions regarding proper food choices. In droves, people, in a "health conscious" effort, are searching grocery and health food stores, meticulously reading ingredient labels on item packaging in hopes of finding foods that not only taste good, but are truly healthy.

Furthermore, the pursuit continues to find the one particular diet that will help unleash the fit body that everyone desires to have. But what if modern understanding of "healthy" foods and dieting are just wrong? What if good intentioned, proactive dieters and health "nuts" are being misinformed? The most popular "healthy" choices when deciding what to eat are those that are "low fat" and "low carb." Conventional dietary thought teaches three main ideas (or some variation of the three) about healthy eating and weight loss:

  • Eat less fat, gain less fat;
  • Eat fewer carbs, lose more weight;
  • Count calories, stay at the optimum body weight - in fact, calorie restriction may even promote weight loss.

Perhaps, but not for long. These methods alone most likely will not lead to permanent weight loss, promote a healthy body or prevent weight gain rebound.

These days, it's virtually impossible to be in public without encountering someone who struggles with obesity or weight gain combined with a host of other health issues. From all angles, it would appear that people are literally bursting at the seams. Furthermore, even those who are thin and appear to be healthy, may very well be concealing some hidden, serious metabolic disorders. The fact is that today, too many people are struggling with their weight, are fighting cancer (breast, ovarian, prostate and many others), are sick with diabetes or high blood sugar, are suffering from cardiovascular issues or simply feel bad on a regular basis.

More to the point - eating a low carb, low fat diet and simply counting calories is not enough to prevent stubborn fat gain, cancer and other metabolic disorders, much less a weight gain rebound. And even if these diets do initially work - how long will the weight loss last? And what about the detrimental effects that unhealthy dieting has on the body? The solution is not that simple - or is it? Even though Americans spend more and more on "healthy" foods and diet products every year, the nation is still becoming fatter and sicker.

It's time to expose and address the real issue - consistent exposure to chemicals and toxins in food, water and the environment. Many of the actual "health" foods contain chemicals, preservatives and hormones - compounds that are proven to be toxic to the human body. The result? Quite simply - fat gain, cancer and metabolic disorders.

About has dedicated itself to the mission of informing people about the ills of conventional foods and diets, while providing a real solution with natural diet programs and supplements. Read more about the real solution to weight gain and other disorders at

About Rick Osborn:
Rick Osborn is the co-writer of the new book The Anti-Estrogenic Diet by Ori Hofmekler, who is also author of the highly acclaimed Warrior Diet.


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