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Technology Challenges - One 'Out' Of This World, One Safe'n Secure

Vancouver BC, [PRWeb]February 11, 2008… Pacific Way Foundation, an educational non-profit incorporated in 2001, launches CPrize. CPrize.org begins life by pledging two multimillion dollar schools Pacific Way owns outright against two Technology Challenges offering $25 and $15 million dollar prizes. HiBots, creates highspeed, cheap transportation with benefits to the environment and competes in a friendly way with the Google Lunar X-prize, yet it makes parts of the X-Prize challenge instantly obsolete. Once our challenge is achieved nations can soon meet the Kyoto Accord requirements, seeing the challenge burns no fuels.

"HiBots" are flying vehicles capable of sustained flight beyond 'ground effect'. They do not require the earth's atmosphere as a medium of interaction to achieve lift, nor do they need oxidation of any fuel to create the power needed for the lift effect. Their lift is based on an advanced use of magnetism, a use well within the reach of present technology.

The second challenge, Life-Phaser, is more 'down to earth' and aimed at security and law enforcement leading to protection of life. Life-Phaser aimed at a problem right here, unwarranted deaths caused by firearms and tasers.

The challenges welcome all international teams. It's tantalizing, self-disciplined approach to creativity will excite and inspire much more. Winning teams become world-class heroes. Technology applications spinning from these challenges provide enormous leaps forward. Motives behind the first challenge include a preemptive alternative to nuking astronomic threats and doomsday concerns rumoured to threaten our world in the generation ahead, like in movies such as Deep Impact.

Historic and prophetic evidence exists for this form of transportation. Some people say the technology already exists, in arcane settings, or perhaps 'elsewhere'. Since no one is yet using it for commercial purposes, teams are invited to put their dreams, visions and hands to the challenge and create Magnetic Flight. Teams do the reasoning and assembly. Major clues how to find the technology and ways to decipher clues and provided; and teams also become partners in a constructive, creative, peaceful future.

Visionaries see ways to achieve the desired result. Society rewards its visionaries for their creations, not its skeptics.


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