Natasha James May Have Made One or Two "Bad Judgements" Throughout Her Life - Recently Releasing Her Debut Album Is Certainly Not One of Them

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Natasha James May Have Made One or Two "Bad Judgements" Throughout Her Life; Recently Releasing Her Debut Album Featuring the Hit Single, The Restless Kind Is Certainly Not One of Them

Natasha James may have made one or two "bad judgements" throughout her life. However, recently releasing her debut album featuring the hit single, The Restless Kind, is certainly not one of them.

As the song goes, "Country after cuntry, it's a landscape of the mind. So many lifetimes up ahead, so many left behind. Well, I guess, I always wanted them all, but only some of the time, I guess I was born, The Restless Kind." -- Natasha James

She's the consummate singer-songwriter and the kind of unique artist who can craft visuals merely through her songwriting. Natasha pens works that cross many musical genres and pull at the heartstrings all music lovers... especially country music enthusiasts.

Natasha says, "Anytime I pick up my guitar or sit in front of a piano, I have the ability to write a song. I never intentionally try to pen a tricky hook or intricate melody. I write for myself based on stories that come from my life experiences."

And she's had several of those.

Her debut single, The Restless Kind from the album Bad Judgements mirrors Natasha's rebellious side.

She says, "I don't like a lot of rules. I even hate sidewalks. This particular song (the Restless Kind) reflects the stage in my life where I realized I had been blessed and attained many of the things I had desired including a great home in a nice neighborhood and kids that I love. I had consciously put my music aside to achieve many of these things. But as I moved forward in my life, I missed connecting with people through my music and was becoming... restless. My new album has brought me back to my music and my desire to connect with people through my recordings and live performances."

Natasha has in fact actually been the "restless kind" from a very young age. Born in San Francisco, and raised in Southern California, Switzerland, Italy and England, at 14 Natasha started playing and singing in local Los Angeles jazz and blues clubs. Two years later, she moved to San Francisco and worked the 'folksy' clubs: Coffee Gallery and the Boarding House, among others.

After two years, she resumed modeling and acting in Los Angeles, studying at Lee Strassberg's while landing small roles as a character actress. Moving to Europe again at 18, she continued singing and playing folk-blues along with her own music while studying for a degree in languages and literature. Quitting school, she moved to London, and then teamed up with a reggae band playing regularly upstairs at Ronnie Scott's and touring northern England. While in London, she ended up writing lyrics to a song composed by Jeff Hunter, which resulted in a move back to L.A. to continue recording, songwriting/arranging and performing with a number of different known and unknown artists.

By this time, Natasha James was modeling on a regular basis, working in films on both coasts, performing her own music in New York and Los Angeles and recording with other artists. She settled in New York City, playing local clubs with her band, Good 'N Dusty', and was being heard on WFMU as well as Channel J for Videophile.

Of late, Natasha James has been a Bay Area staple, performing and recording in different line-ups with material covering Country, Rock, Bluegrass, Blues, Jazz, Americana and Funk. Her favorite tracks on the album include "Just Enough" -- for its compositional value.

She says, "I am most pleased with that one. In fact in all honesty, I'm astonished that I wrote it. Her tune, "Hey! Ho!" was written as a tongue-in-cheek exercise. She says, "I was performing it as a swing tune and drummer Terry Domingue (Merle Haggard) suggested we perform it with a Zydeco/New Orleans flair - and it worked."

The composition "Even a Fool" rounds out the artists top three list of album faves.

She concludes, "I love the process of writing and developing a song and especially collaborating with other songwriters. It MAKES you stretch when you work with somebody else and I enjoy that part of the exercise."

On performing live, Natasha's all about the crowd. She says, "I love the feedback and interaction of a live setting. I'm not a person that wants to perform in a vacuum. I once heard a very famous artist say to a live crowd, " I'm not here to entertain you." That's not me. I absolutely am. I'll change a set list or do whatever I need to roll with the feel of the crowd or take us on a journey together." Natasha concludes, "I feel so fortunate to do something I love as an artist."

As the title track says, "Bad judgements with good intentions have been my stock in trade. The warning signs and red flags go unheeded every time I see them at the gate." This is Natasha James' debut release on Highway One Records.

Album Track Listing: Bad Judgements, Even A Fool, The Restless Kind, Just Enough, Dead Calm, Harder, HEY! HO!, Life in the City, Sign Post, Second Best, Best Friend. Credits: USA for Africa, 'We are the World; Mothers and Children,' by Paul Jabarra and Roy Rede; 'Fit Kids' video for Bob Fish, Cyclops Records (made Billboard); Slipped, Tripped, Fell in Love,' Foghat, MTV video, Bearsville/Warner Records; songwriter for Emergency Records (producer Sergio Cossa), for Shannon. Co-wrote, 'How Long Can I Try,' with film-score composer, Jeff Hunter.

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