An Out-Of-This-World Promotion: How a Science-Fiction Artist has won a Cult Following by Giving Away $60 Statues to Every Fan

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The greatest challenge for ArtFromSteel director Martin Pavion was how their business could afford to give away $60 hand-made science-fiction statues to every fan without going bankrupt in the process. Giving away literally thousands of star wars, alien, predator statues, the company has developed a cult following, almost overnight with appreciative sci-fi collectors spreading the news like wildfire.

A Nearly-Completed 2.3 Meter Alien, before cleaning

Some of our Alien and Predator statues take 12 artists 2-3 months to make, so we certainly can't target the impulse buyer. Instead, it's vital that we build up long-term relationships with our fans

It took a lot of planning to get things just right but Art From Steel's novel promotion strategy has elevated the small business into a viral phenomena in its first week. By giving away hand-made science fiction statues to every one of their fans they've developed customer loyalty faster than they could ever have anticipated.

Art From Steel is the leading manufacturer of hand-crafted statues made from recycled steel art in Asia. Under the supervision of 6 master artists the team manufacture creations, often 3-4 meters tall from recycled scrap metal.

"Some of our Alien and Predator statues take 12 artists 2-3 months to make, so we certainly can't target the impulse buyer. Instead, it's vital that we build up long-term relationships with our fans," states Martin Pavion, the company director.

The problem:- How can a medium-sized business fund a promotion to give away $60 statues to every customer without breaking the bank?

"We spent a lot of time with our artists and, rather than leave the finer details to our master artists we gave every person the opportunity to train and practice on their favorite statues. Now every artist we work with is capable of creating 2-3 statues themselves to the same standard as our master artists.

We took a gamble. We figured that if a customer's going to get one free item shipped in the post, then we should make it practical for them to order another statue too. We did this by providing both a gift voucher and a 40% off voucher too. Although the extra statues are still provided at a large discount, we make enough on them to fund those orders where customers want just one statue.

What really helped us keep down our costs though was our refer-a-friend promotion. We decided to let people upgrade their coupons from $40 to $60 so they could get our more complex statues for free as well. All they had to do was to tell three friends about our promotion.

We've really been amazed so far. Despite asking members to refer just three friends, we've had customers tell as many as 60 people about us! Nearly half of them have then visited our site and the growth has been phenomenal. Every day we are being contacted by great people who either want us to commission a unique statue for them or want to represent us overseas.

We've more than quadrupled the number of members we have already and we're getting together a wonderful bunch of fans who really love our work and our work ethics.

The secret of our success - beyond any doubt - has been that we've generated trust from our fans. We always knew that it would be a huge challenge to deliver $60 statues to them all for free. We told them many months ago what we planned to do, we were open to admit we had no idea how we'd do it and this gave us a lot of credibility once we announced our solution."

Art From Steel is now the largest workshop for hand-made statues from scrap metal. Whilst the business excels in science-fiction statues including life-sized Alien, Predator and Star Wars characters, they have a portfolio of over 400 models and create new ones every month.

Art from Steel is still giving away one free statue to every visitor if you visit their website


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