Alternative Dispute Resolution: A Faster, Cheaper and More Predictable Alternative to Litigation, According to Barron, Baker & Posternock

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Barron, Baker & Posternock explains the extraordinary benefits of utilizing mediation, arbitration and other methods to avoid costly and time consuming litigation.

Barron, Baker & Posternock explains the extraordinary benefits of utilizing mediation, arbitration and other methods to avoid costly and time consuming litigation.

Mediation is a voluntary process in which an impartial third party facilitates negotiations between the litigants. The goal of mediation is to help the parties achieve a mutually acceptable resolution. The mediator does not determine the outcome of the case. Rather the parties, with or without the assistance of attorneys, work with the mediator toward a solution with which they are comfortable.

Mediation is often used to amicably resolve disputes between parties that have an ongoing business or personal relationship or have had a significant past relationship where communication problems exist and the principal barriers to settlement are personal or emotional. Certain types of cases are particularly well suited to mediation including commercial disputes, labor and employment matters, construction litigation disputes, consumer fraud matters and disagreements over real property.

In contrast, arbitration is a process by which a neutral third party or panel considers evidence presented by the parties and makes a decision which may be binding or non-binding, according to statute, rule, or prior agreement of the parties. Arbitration, like mediation, is intended to resolve claims in an expedited manner without the costs which accompany typical litigation. Arbitration is often successful in resolving ( ) commercial disputes and personal injury matters, as well as in negotiating labor and ( ) employment disagreements, or, problems which lend themselves to "out of the box" solutions.

Other Benefits of ADR
Other benefits of arbitration or mediation are confidentiality and finality. Disputes placed before a mediator and/or arbitrator are not subject to an open court house or public trial. Mediation agreements and arbitration decisions are not usually subjected to later judicial review.

Cost Effective Representation Grounded in Common Sense
Barron, Baker & Posternock strives to provide cost effective representation grounded in common sense. Mediation and arbitration are useful tools in that process, providing effective alternatives to traditional litigation.

We recognize, however, that in many cases alternative dispute resolution is impractical or inappropriate and litigation is necessary. Barron, Baker & Posternock offers experienced trial counsel for those matters where disputes must be resolved before a Judge and/or jury.

More information is available at, or to schedule a consultation with a skilled litigation attorney, please call us in New Jersey at (856) 642-6445 or Philadelphia at (215) 988-0889. You may also contact Daniel Posternock through

Daniel Posternock of Barron, Baker & Posternock in Moorestown, NJ, has successfully completed the Burlington County Vicinage's Advanced Arbitration Clinic.

This credential supplements Dan's certification from the Professional Standards Committee of the National Association of Realtors. That training, given over three days in Chicago, IL, provided class instruction on topics including procuring cause, and allowed Dan to sharpen his negotiation skills and learn new mediation strategies.

Mr. Posternock, and the offices of Barron, Baker & Posternock, look forward to the opportunity to assist you or others you know who may wish to avoid the time and expense of typical litigation by taking advantage of Alternative Dispute Resolution such as mediation and arbitration.


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