In Face of Clemens Controversy, Trainer Offers Special Report on How to Increase Growth Hormone Naturally

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In the face of Roger Clemens' congressional testimony, noted fitness professional Doug Jackson has released a special report entitled "Top 8 Ways to Increase Your Growth Hormone Levels Naturally." Jackson wants people to know that research has shown certain exercise protocols can mimic the effects of injected growth hormone. He details the most scientific ways to naturally increase growth hormone in his special report which can be accessed at

As a fitness professional, Doug Jackson has seen a continued interest by athletes and fitness buffs for anything that would make results come faster.

After years of learning about the best ways to condition and fuel the body for optimal performance and physical change, Jackson has become versed in the vast benefits of fitness, as well as what he calls the "dark side" of fitness.

When he says "dark side", he is referring to the steroids and other unhealthy performance aides people will use to get an advantage - whether it comes to looking better on the beach or playing better on the field.

With the Janurary 13th Congressional testimony and face-off between Roger Clemens and his former trainer, Jackson decided to do something about it.

"I've been familiar with growth hormone and steroids for a long time and I've always been hesitant to say a whole lot in the media", Jackson states. "However, after years of studying this field, I've become aware of something people should know."

What people should know, he says, is that exercise itself is an effective way to increase growth hormone levels.

"With proper exercise protocols and lifestyle change, we can get results similar to therapeutic doses of growth hormone injections. For example, simply getting optimal sleep, taking a high-quality multi-vitamin/mineral supplement, and following specific strength training and cardio protocols can all enhance natural growth hormone output. You put all of those actions together and you have a real roadmap for dramatically improving your internal health and the way your body looks."

He has written a detailed special report entitled "Top 8 Ways to Increase Your Growth Hormone Levels Naturally", which can be requested for free at

He says that by following the tips in the report, anyone can improve their health and fitness, gain muscle, boost their metabolism, and reduce body fat without the potential dangers of growth hormone use.

"Even before this Clemens debacle, I kept hearing about an increasing amount of high-level professionals like doctors, CEOs, and attorneys turning to injectable growth hormone for the purported anti-aging benefits. Why take the risks when you can follow some simply tips to really improve your natural growth hormone levels and feel better?"

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