New Books Expose Patented UFO Technology, Exotic Propulsion Systems

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New technology discovered in the patent office details amazing UFO type vehicles and exotic propulsion systems. Use of this technology will revolutionize industry, travel and more.

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Luke Fortune has released over 3400 pages of proof that man has had the ability to build UFO craft, in replicable form, over the last 100 years. This disclosure effort includes:

  • 260 patents explaining the science of various propulsion systems that have been seen by witnesses that have been misidentified UFOs
  • How these craft can be glowing balls of light invisible to radar
  • How these are saucer, sphere, cigar, or triangle shaped
  • What the technology is that nullifies gravity and inertia keeping the pilots safe from high speed maneuvers and right angle turns that would kill ordinary pilots in conventional aircraft
  • The different forms of technology that can be implemented into various craft to cause these phenomenal propulsion abilities:
  •     Electromagnetic/Electrokinetic propulsion (Electrogravitic)
  •     Plasma thrusters
  •     Magnetohydrodynamic propulsion
  •     Inertial propulsion
  •     Fusion, fission, and anti-matter propulsion technologies
  •     Even traditional airfoil/air-flow technologies, for people who refuse to grasp the other available technologies
  • Technology is in encyclopedic format, with a Primer for ease of explanation.
  • Online videos to educate how this technology works, presented in easy to grasp layman vocabulary.
  • Prospectus available on how this technology can be used to improve the global economy, raising the standards and quality of life for all people

Excerpts from the books include:
1) The Flying Saucer is a vertical take off and landing vehicle for space flight. The vehicle comprises a metal sphere rotating around a hub to which are affixed four magnetic coils in a circle equidistantly with a fifth coil at the center which is surrounded by a hollow circular glass tube filled with rubidium gas, tube and magnets with axes vertical. The inner wall of the tube is made of more dense glass with a phosphor coating, and the top of the tube has a less dense glass outer coating on top of the more dense glass. When an electric motor rotates a vertical column, supported by a bearing at the center of the hub which is attached to the top and bottom of the sphere, the metal sphere rotating around the magnetic coils causes a continuous buildup of electric charge on the sphere and magnetic field, which heats and excites the rubidium gas in the tube so it interacts with the phosphor layer to produce light which is slowed down by the hot rubidium gas; causing a radial Einstein time change over distance, causing increased centrifugal force radially, causing acceleration of sphere rotation, resulting in more mechanical energy than needed to produce the slowed light by the previously mentioned process, with excess energy turning the electric motor as a generator to charge the battery.

2) The present invention relates in general to craft propelled by magnetohydrodynamic effects and methods of propulsion and control thereof, and more particularly to heavier-than-air craft which are propelled by interaction of magnetic fields upon electrically conductive fluids such as plasma, surrounding the craft.

3) The present invention relates to conversion of energy, and in particular to the use of electrical potentials for producing forces to cause motion of a structure by direct operation of electric fields, thus providing a thrust sufficient for propelling a vehicle.

4) This invention relates generally to propulsion devices, and more particularly to a propulsion device based on plasma acceleration principles and adapted for use in a space environment.

5) The invention relates to the use of the collision of matter and antimatter as a means of propulsion in a spacecraft, to the control system for said engine and to a block diagram of the connections for same, in which all of the functions are divided into modules.

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Luke Fortune is a certified paralegal and began investigating the UFO phenomenon in approximately 1997. After having a clear viewing of a plasma propulsion craft, he began researching the archives of the US patent office, and of other countries patent offices, to try and locate UFO technology. His searches over the next ten years led to the accumulation of all the data, and more, that would become the UFO How-To series. Each book in this six volume series is over 500 pages in length, 99% of the content are complete patents, with a recent addition of a primer volume at 118 pages, "The Basics," designed to simplify the understanding of the encyclopedic series, and make the science of UFO propulsion systems comprehensible to the average person.

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