Losing Your Market Share Online? Reason Why and What You Can Do About It

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Are you aware of the invisible online keyword war? Stay one step ahead of new online marketing business tactics. You can now step up a gear, and unlock the secrets that search engine optimization and marketing often can't provide.

Things used to be so much simpler for businesses

In any business, staying ahead of your competitor is key if you want to succeed. Yet whereas keeping yourself in front in the brick and mortar business world can come down to simple pricing wars, online it's a different battle altogether. Here, the rules are changing constantly, and to stay ahead you need solid expertise not only in marketing and search engine strategy, but also being aware of new tactics and finding creative solutions for them.

"Things used to be so much simpler for businesses," says Yevgeniy Gutsalo, Internet Business Consultant for Luka Global Group - http://www.lukaglobal.com. "You needed solid content as well as a strong SEO and SEM strategy, and that would often be enough to get you near the top of Google, Yahoo, and other search engines rankings. Now, however, with new competitive search engine strategies, the approach is far more subtle."

Online businesses have developed cutthroat tactics in the invisible war for keywords, and often-traditional establishments can't keep up, especially in industries where drop shipping is readily available. This sees keywords used in a variety of ways - instead of targeting just "book", for example, search engine experts are targeting "horror books", "romance books", and "children's books", by setting up multiple niche sites. This will often see a traditional business find it hard to compete with an army of sites.

Keeping with the multiple keyword themes, another approach is to register numerous domains for a single keyword or niche, therefore giving you complete control of the market. You can have different registered mailing addresses or contact details, but at the end of the day, all the traffic is still coming to you. And that means all the profits.

The other main ploy being used today is often unethical search engine optimization. This is where Internet marketers will use underhand tactics to rise up the rankings. Despite the fact that this type of marketing may get you penalized by search engines, many are willing to take the "punishment" for search engine placement, and just start again with a new site, or work on many sites at one time with these techniques.

"I've had many businesses approach me with these very problems," agrees Gutsalo. "Businesses that have been online for over 10 years, but were now having to spend thousands a month on Google Adwords because the competition were using these new, sometimes unethical tactics. I've often suggested branding, building a loyal customer base, and even contracting experts to guide customers with product purchases. Another overlooked example is the 'thanks for letting me in!' method of attracting people to you, by making them want you to attract to them."

Although some companies may be reluctant to brand -- putting it down as too much of an expense -- with the new guerilla tactics being used in the keyword war, it's a cost that they can ill afford to ignore. Consulting Groups such as Luka Global Group see branding misunderstood as simple marketing, and an excellent growth area for businesses as a service to provide. A successful business may now need to establish modern, creative branding strategies to stay one step ahead in the invisible war for keywords.

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Luka Global Group, an international group of consultants with professional experience in effective search engine optimization, marketing, consulting, and other Internet business fields. Their branding and creative solutions have helped guide Internet businesses to realize their full potential. They focus their energy to provide an effective, creative and personalized system for each of their clients, to connect their clients with the perfect solution and result.

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