New York Malpractice Attorneys Prosecute Claim of Undiagnosed Kidney Failue After Surgical Procedure

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While Recovering From A Myomectomy Patient Waits 12 Hours Before Being Diagnosed And Developed Hypovolemia Caused By Hemorrhage

Levy, Phillips & Konigsberg, LLP, premier New York malpractice attorneys, represented Annie Rose Noel, a part-time nanny, who suffered kidney injuries while recovering from a myomectomy at Bellevue Hospital Center in Manhattan. The original surgery was a myomectomy, a surgical removal of fibroids from her uterus. According to the claims, due to the late diagnosis, she suffered complications that lead to hemorrhaging and had to undergo dialysis treatment.

According to the court documents, Annie Rose Noel had laid in the hospital for over 12 hours untreated and misdiagnosed after recovering from a myomectomy. Approximately eight hours after being moved to the recovery room, court documents indicate that it was determined that she was suffering from internal bleeding. According to the complaint, that the patient waited another three hours before the hospital decided to take Noel to interventional radiology to have her uterine arteries embolized, in order to stop the bleeding. It was determined, according to court documents, that due to this extended period of time Ms. Noel sustained injuries to her kidneys and as a result of hypovolemia caused by the hemorrhage.

"It was the defendant's lack of a timely diagnosis and failure of treatment of the internal bleeding that constituted malpractice," said Phil Monier, the trial attorney of Levy, Phillips & Konigsberg, LLP. "The patient had signs while recovering from a myomectomy that the doctors and hospital missed, such as having very low or no urine production, low hematocrit levels, and fluid in her abdomen."

As stated by case documents, Noel claimed that she developed hypovolemia, which is a decrease in circulatory volume, due to the extended period of time she was suffering from internal bleeding. She says her kidneys did not receive an adequate amount of blood and fluid, causing kidney failure and required her to receive dialysis treatment three times a week, for approximately two years.

About Levy, Phillips & Konigsberg:
The malpractice attorneys in New York represent families and victims like Ms. Noel who have been affected while recovering from a myomectomy and other surgeries. This case settled prior to trial for $2 million. For more information about this case or to ask about your case, please call the New York malpractice attorneys at 800-MESO-LAW or 212-605-6200.
This was for case number 108297/03, New York Supreme Court


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