Aging Problems Treatable with the Tao Holistic Healing Program

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The Tao Holistic Healing Program (, a 10-day intensive retreat experience for people to regain ownership of their lives and health, announces its remarkable results in easing the ravages of aging, and sometimes in reversing them. The program regards suppressed negative emotions as a primary source for decades of stress, which tightens and weakens the body, until it succumbs to physical disease and mental decline. This program can strengthen the body, support the release of negative emotions, and instill positive information in the brain for feeling young, and thus enabling greater health, happiness and peace.

In the process of aging, especially in the last third of life, most people expect and experience a deterioration of physical health and vitality, and mental functioning and morale. But is it inevitable that we get sick, frail and feeble with advanced age? Can we do things in order to age with fewer. milder or even no problems?

The Tao Holistic Healing Program, or THHP (, announces that it can treat age-related problems through regaining our health and preventing most of the ills often associated with the last third of life. After two years of treating many elderly people, this 10-day intensive and retreat experience - for people to take ownership of their lives and health - has achieved the remarkable results of easing the ravages of aging, and sometimes in virtually reversing them.

Two people over age 60 describe how participating in THHP improved their total health situation:

Lenny shares, "I didn't like the symptoms of growing old that I was acquiring - high blood pressure, lower-back pain, recurring fatigue, and uneasy sleep. Worse yet was that I began thinking of myself as old and declining. This program got my body into the best shape in decades. I felt much more energy. I cleansed myself of long-lingering anxiety, traceable to my unsatisfactory childhood, and was free at last to live more grounded, confident and peaceful. A month later, my doctor said I could discontinue my blood pressure medication."

Katherine relates, "I entered with a battered body and busy brain. I wanted a more peaceful mind, and relief from the pain of my migraines, depression and arthritis. I wanted to reduce my medications. I made it through this boot camp of a program. I realized that my body had all the answers. By pushing beyond what I thought possible, my life is enriched and opportunities limitless. I no longer have headaches, and am taking half of my sleep meds. My renewed concepts of self and body have altered what I can do, with passion and vision."

As for the problems exhibited by THHP's elder participants, J.S. Hong, the program's creator and principal instructor, observes, "As people get older, the power of their five senses declines, which reduces the functions of both body and mind. This is related to the lowering of their energy, as seen from the Eastern health perspective, and the quality of their blood circulation, as known in Western medicine. Ample energy in a flexible and strong body keeps us young and healthy, but people tend to waste their energy over the years with negative thoughts and emotions about themselves and their world. Eventually decades of bad habits and stress tighten and weaken the body, and thus parts of it succumb to diseases, which adversely affect the brain and mind."

Regarding how the THHP approach works, Hong explains, "We deal with the advanced aging process and its negative effects by expanding energy flows and refreshing blood circulation. This involves thoroughly exercising the body - especially the abdominal area, where we have 70% of the body's blood supply and many internal organs. This empowers people to access and release the negative memories, habits and emotions that have been wasting their energy. Then, they can put positive information in their brains in order to use them more productively, creatively and peacefully, which benefits their body-mind condition. Also, getting in touch with our 'life purpose' is crucial to becoming passionate about living, which helps keep us young and healthy."

As for the meaning of the program's name, Hong explains, "'Tao, defined as the 'way of truth,' refers to realizing that you are the ultimate creator of your health and life, and seeing how you have the power to change them. 'Holistic' means looking at your issues, their origins and solutions from the all-inclusive perspective of your body, mind and spirit. 'Healing' is about regaining the well-being of your whole self, for deep and lasting health, joy and peace."

THHP is based on the holistic-healing and brain-educational principles articulated by Ilchi Lee (, president of the University of Brain Education (in South Korea). Regarding brain health for aging well, he has coauthored with Jessie Jones, Ph.D., the book "In Full Bloom: A Brain Education Guide for Successful Aging" (BEST Life Media, 2008), which can be ordered from (

THHP's methods consist of rigorous exercises, energy training, brain wave vibration, introspection, deep relaxation, and private healing sessions. These methods were adapted from the integrated body-mind fitness system taught in Dahn Yoga ( classes worldwide.

THHP takes place at the Sedona Ilchi Meditation Center, Sedona, Arizona, a comfortable, scenic and peaceful 160-acre retreat setting, ideally suited for learning and healing. The 10-day program starts on the 5th and 20th of every month.

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