Integrative Research Releases "Beta Force -- The Flu Fighters" Online Immune Support Game and Report

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Integrative Research releases "Beta Force -- The Flu Fighters" immune support game. February and March have the highest incidents of influenza according to official government statistics. Studies have shown proper immune system support may reduce incidences of the flu. Beta Force -- The Flu Fighters and the accompanying report helps educate the player on flu and germ threats and proper immune system support.

So far no one has been able to last more then three minutes, including me

In Beta Force -- The Flu Fighters, ( you are the captain of the USS Beta Force, a ship traveling through the blood system, as you travel throughout the system you encounter immune system components and germs. It is your job to recognize which objects are the immune system components and which are the germs and destroy the germs before they hit your ship and drain you of your energy and to allow your immune support components to pass, so when they hit your ship your energy is increased.

If players last long enough, they qualify for a free report that details the inner workings of the immune system that includes tips on how to boost and maintain it naturally. As Chris Kochan, founder of Integrative Research and game developer stated "I needed a method to get this information out to the public. Many people don't really understand how their immune system functions and what they can do to safety boost and maintain it." He went on to further state; "By the time we reach the age of 21 we start to lose our ability to fight off infections and diseases, to cope with the everyday onslaught of germs. That's what the report is for, to learn how to boost and maintain our immune system naturally, but you have to earn it by staying alive long enough in the game."

The game teaches players what specific immune support components do as well as what germs do. The report details easy steps anyone can take to safely boost and maintain their immune system.

Creating the game was challenging, it had to be small enough so players on dial-up could still download it quick, but detailed enough to create a good visual and audio effects.

The game starts out slow, allowing the players the opportunity to discover which objects are immune system components and which are germs, however it quickly picks up the pace. "So far no one has been able to last more then three minutes, including me" Kochan stated. The game has a wide variety of visual indicators that allow one to determine friend from foe and if one destroys more immune system components then germs, he will fail to score. It also contains some secret keyboard options that when activated will allow players to prolong the length of the game and protect themselves. However, players will have to discover those on their own.

About Integrative Research: Integrative Research is a health research firm dedicated to identifying and disseminating issues in the areas of health science that are generally unknown to the vast majority of the general public and providing answers to those issues. To play "The Flu Fighters" visit:


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