HI-POD Introduces CORE X4 -- The Most Versatile, Adaptable, Affordable Endzone Camera on The Market Today

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HI-POD introduces CORE X4- the most Versatile, Adaptable, & Affordable Endzone Camera on the market today. No other endzone camera offers the versatility of recording on Camera Tape, in the Game Recorder, & "live" to Laptop. No other Endzone camera offers the adaptability of working outside, working "robotically indoors, and working as a mobile Line of Scrimmage camera. Finally no other Endzone company offers 2, 3 or 5 year finance plans. As well as a monthly rental plan.

Coaches told us what they wanted, and we listened: A barebones endzone unit that is heavyduty but lightweight, durable enough for everyday use, but able to withstand the punishment of travel & weather. We included this as well as introduced the latest technological advances.

We took the best of the X2 and the X3, strengthened the collars, improved the quality of the travel case, introduced "Live on Location" Laptop capture, & included the myhipod.com site for coaches to fundraise with video footage.

We have committed to the X4 by making it the core of our future. The X4 design will be the core for future innovation at HI-POD. The accessory kits for the X4- "Robotic Head" basketball gymcam, & the Line-of-Scrimmage Cam will be addons to the present X4 unit. This eliminates the possibility of your HI-POD Endzone unit from becoming obsolete.

This adaptability means that the HI-POD CORE X4 will work for all outdoor sports (like football, soccer, lacrosse, baseball), but now with the addition of the robotic gymcam, customers will be able to use indoors for Basketball, Volleyball and Wrestling. Photographers will even be able to control the HI-POD from the stands.

The versatility does not stop there. With the addition of the laptop plate, the HI-POD CORE X4 provides three different ways for the user to capture footage of a sporting event: Capture in the tape of the camera, capture in the game recorder or capture "LIVE" via firewire into laptops. Each method has its advantages, but the HI-POD CORE X4 provides users with the flexibility of choosing which is best from them.

Another cost saving measure that HI-POD has reintroduced with the CORE X4 is the ability to use Cameras with LANC or without. LANC is the standard lens control protocol that has been used for years.(This wired controller allows the user to be distant from the camera and still have total control of the camera) But this method requires the user to purchase a more expensive Sony Camera. (Sony recently decided that LANC was a premium item and therefore all cameras with LANC would be much more expensive). The Canon ZR series is the alternative that HI-POD has packaged with the CORE X4. By wiring the wireless remote, the HI-POD user is able to have total remote control of the Canon camera without the expensive LANC protocol that was necessary in the past. But the HI-POD cabling is flexible enough to also accommodate the use of SONY Lanc cameras. So if the HI-POD user wants to switch cameras, he will be able to do so. Just another cost saving innovation from HI-POD.

Once again HI-POD reintroduces affordable packages for teams or schools to acquire the HI-POD. Purchase, or Finance the HI-POD over 2, 3 or even 5 years. Customers can now even rent the Core X4 for even $350month. Stop into the new HI-POD RENTAL OFFICE to pick up a rental unit today.

4300 W. Jefferson Blvd #2
Los Angeles, CA 90016


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